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A solution that allows you to open multiple bank accounts at various institutions through only one KYC verification process. Welcome to swissmoney!

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No need to visit a physical bank branch. Applying only takes minutes.


Submit documents online and get a response in less than 48 hours.

UNIQUE pro­cess

Get verified once and enjoy the products of various financial institutions.


Select multiple bank accounts from numerous reputable EU banks or EMIs.


Securely send, receive, withdraw or exchange money in just a few clicks.


Open Multiple Bank Accounts

As a swissmoney client, you can store your money at several banks in various jurisdictions and have access to all your funds conveniently. Once we have verified your identity, you will be able to open accounts at any of the available banks and EMIs that swissmoney has partnered with. You have one gateway which connects you to many banks and financial institutions.

Securely Manage Your Money

By using the swissmoney platform, you can securely store all your assets, including monetary investment funds of up to 100K per client without paying interest charges.

Access your money globally

Use your personal or business swissmoney credit or debit card and use it anywhere Mastercard is accepted and withdraw from any ATM worldwide. You can choose between different cards and programs, and can easily connect your swissmoney card to Apple and Google Pay.

Invest in Gold and Other Commodities

swissmoney allows you to invest in gold and other commodities, which you can access through the swissmoney platform. The physical assets are stored in safe treasuries at private and national banks in Switzerland, Germany, and Lichtenstein. You are free to hold your investment as it appreciates, trade the commodity, or convert to cash balance or crypto assets. You will also have the option to have it physically delivered to your place of residence.

Easily Set up Fixed-Income Portfolio

swissmoney presents a solution for customers wishing to invest in top products like bonds, ETFs, stocks, CFDs, futures, and more. Our approach is to offer you a limited range of pre-screened products with good returns. We will increase our product range continuously, and we aim to provide products for each type of customer and risk/return profile. We will search for the best products on the markets and connect them to the swissmoney platform.

Upgrade your Portfolio with CFD Trading

swissmoney offers access to trading providers to buy and sell Contract for Difference (“CFD”) or other financial products. The swissmoney platform connects you to third party providers which you can choose for fair pricing, best execution, low spreads and competitive swaps on a wide range of assets including forex pairs, equities, commodities and cryptocurrencies. With the swissmoney platform service you are not dependent on a single provider.

Securely Buy, Sell or Store Crypto currencies

swissmoney enables you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and store them safely along with other assets in their account. As swissmoney focuses on simplicity, you can create an easily accessible crypto wallet on the platform with modern and highly secure features. It is easy to buy, sell, and trade various cryptocurrencies within our ecosystem. You can transfer fiat currencies and use your funds from your crypto wallet to settle payments.

Get more with Premium Accounts

For swissmoney premium accounts we will offer exclusive access to our investment club. Features include deals which are usually not available on the markets. We work closely with some of our financial partners to design premium products for our premium customers.

At swissmoney we provide fast, bureaucracy-free account opening.


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Submit your application online and receive approval within hours.

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Select an account plan that meets your needs; easily switch plans as your needs change.

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Open multiple bank accounts, request your credit card, use your free crypto wallet, trade commodities and other assets.


  • European IBAN
  • Multi-currency SWIFT payments
  • Fast SEPA payments across Europe
  • Low-fee international transfers
  • Competitive currency exchange rates
  • Secure crypto wallet
  • Smart credit / debit cards
  • Regulatory & compliance assistance
  • Direct market access to various banking and investment products
  • Professional support team

The best solutions and products for everyone: individuals, business owners, small and large companies!


We are not a bank. We are an innovative financial gateway to numerous banking and financial products, but most importantly, we connect you to the finest banking institutions in Europe and offer personal and corporate accounts. We take pride in speed and quality for every request.



WE… provide fast access to various banks for private and corporate accounts across Europe.

WE… provide a state-of-the-art mobile app to handle all your financial transactions.

WE… provide a modern multi-wallet ecosystem to fiat, cryptocurrency, and commodities.

WE… provide credible products and services through established partners.

WE… provide access to various investment and saving products.

WE… are authorized platform developed in Switzerland.


Over the past six years, we have developed sophisticated software tools in order to handle customer requirements in the financial industry in an efficient and automated way.

We operate a user gateway where we offer access to multiple service companies from the financial industry. swissmoney facilitates all your accounts, wallets, cards through our user-friendly customer cockpit.

You can access the digital gateway either through mobile apps or our browser-based web version. You will be able to personalize your dashboard, change the order of products, and hide unused functions as required. The cockpit provides a clear overview of all relevant information, and you can access detailed information by simply clicking on an item.

swissmoney aims to provide first class financial services to clients worldwide. We are dedicated to the success of our clients.

Swissmoney – anywhere, anytime.

Enjoy all the benefits and features of swissmoney from home or any part of the globe! We use mobile banking technology, for your comfort and convenience. Manage your accounts, money and investments with ease and move your money whenever and wherever you want:


We are a team of experts with proficiency in financial markets covering various jurisdictions. Through continuous discussions with regulatory bodies we are able to offer leading technologies and services in a fully compliant way.


Our system focuses first and foremost on customer needs and customer usability. As an innovative financial gateway, we can connect you to the best available services on the market. We work with automated KYC methods, including machine learning and artificial intelligence modules.


Your money and relevant personal data are both very sensitive and require a partner who can safeguard you. swissmoney has all your data, all transactions, and all products encrypted with modern cutting-edge cryptographic technology, protecting your privacy in the highest standards.