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Why Choose swissmoney?

easy to use

Fast and Easy to Use

Full day-to-day functionality for both
crypto and fiat made fast and easy.

crypto spendability

Crypto Spendability

Instantly top-up your card with your
crypto assets for seamless spending.

fast processing

Zero Monthly Fees

No hidden or recurring fees. Only pay for the services you use.

zero limits

Zero Spending Limits

Customize your payment cards and raise the spending limit as much as you like.

Security-First Approach

operational protection

Trusted by Industry Leaders

With a proven track record and extensive expertise in the cryptosphere, we enhance the trust of our customers' crypto management by partnering with reliable service providers like Fireblocks and Elliptic.


Biometric and 2FA Authentication

Biometric checks on account creation and two-factor-authentication safeguards from unauthorized breaches.

offline storage

Operational Protection

Infrastructure and network are safeguarded by industry-leading partners, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations and zero downtime.

Crypto Wallets

Make payments with crypto by instantly exchanging it for fiat funds on your card.

cryptocurrency exchangesBuy, sell and exchange the most popular cryptocurrencies
transfer cryptoTransfer crypto from third parties to store on swissmoney
instant transfersInstantly exchange crypto to fiat funds on your account
cryptocurrency exchangesLow fees make it ideal for larger volume off-ramping
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crypto actions

IBAN Accounts

Take out a dedicated IBAN account to manage all of your day-to-day finances.

iban accountsTake out one or more dedicated IBAN accounts
worldwideEnjoy instant transfers across Europe via SEPA
fast transfersForget the constant red-tape associated with legacy banking institutions and enjoy seamless and uninterrupted transfers
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Payment Cards

Conveniently pay with fiat or crypto in all your favorite stores with a single swissmoney payment card.

limitless spendingForget the hassle of wire transfers with limitless card spending
multiple payment cardsTake out multiple payment cards for different spending needs
mobile paySync with Google Pay or Apple Pay and enjoy contactless spending on the go
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payment card

Business Accounts

Scale your business to a truly global reach with cross border facilitation, and hold your company's finances in fiat, crypto or both.

customer supportDedicated swissmoney specialists will work with you to streamline the onboarding process
personalized operationsPersonalize operations to best suit the needs of your team and company
acceptabilityUnlike legacy financial institutions, a larger variety of industries and businesses accepted
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How to Get Started?


Open a swissmoney private or business account


Provide the required documents to verify your identity


Oder your first IBAN account and payment card


Manage your fiat and crypto finances all in one place


All your questions about swissmoney answered.

How can I apply for a personal swissmoney account?

The personal account opening process on swissmoney is more than easy. You will be asked to verify your phone number, identity and fill out a short questionnaire. The process shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes and as soon as we review your application, your account will be open.

What kind of services will I get with my swissmoney account?

As a swissmoney client you will be able to not only buy, sell and transfer crypto, but also spend it directly. Additionally, swissmoney clients gain access to dedicated IBANs with instant payments across Europe through SEPA, multi-currency pooling accounts, and virtual payment cards with zero hard spending limits.

What currencies will I be able to use?

Currently swissmoney offers the use of EUR, USD, GBP and CHF with additional currencies to continuously be introduced down the line.

What cryptocurrencies will I be able to use?

You can open BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, and TRX wallets with other cryptocurrencies to be introduced along the way.

How can I be sure that my account and my funds are secure?

swissmoney employs 2FA authentication to ensure that only you can access your account securely. Your fiat funds held in dedicated Foxpay IBANs are protected by the Bank of Lithuania. Additionally, our infrastructure for crypto operations is fortified by partnerships with industry leaders in blockchain security such as Fireblocks and Elliptic.

What makes swissmoney better than traditional finance institutions?

Wider acceptance of businesses: Our risk tolerance allows us to facilitate various industries, which would be rejected by traditional finance institutions.

Crypto friendly: Unlike legacy institutions, we accept and facilitate cryptocurrencies in the same way as traditional currency. Our accounts allow for buying, selling, trading and spending crypto.

No hard limits on card payments: While traditional finance institutions would require wire transfers for expensive purchases, swissmoney allows you to make large purchases without any hassle. As long as you have provided the required proof of earning documents, you can increase your daily limit as much as you want and make expensive purchases without the added wait, paperwork and inconvenience of a wire transfer.

What are the differences between currencies (i.e virtual accounts) and dedicated IBANs?

A virtual account only allows you to send and receive money from yourself. Meaning that you can transfer funds between your swissmoney account and your accounts in other entities. A dedicated IBAN account allows you to send to, and receive funds from 3rd party individuals.

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All your questions about swissmoney answered.