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Boundless operations backed by highest Swiss security standards

600K+ Daily users
8M+ Transactions processed
1.5M+ Currency exchanges
Boundless operations

Boundless operations

Run your business from anywhere powered by innovative solutions

Approved in minutes

Approved in minutes

AI modules and machine learning empower seamless actions

Open doors for any business

Open doors for any business

Breaking traditional approach through broader inclusivity

Digital-first banking solution

Digital-first banking solution

  • Ease of use for any daily operationEase of use for any daily operation
  • Diverse individual assets distributionDiverse individual assets distribution
  • Access your assets on-the-go globallyAccess your assets on-the-go globally
Card for any business operation

Card for any business operation

  • Set, adjust and control your cards easilySet, adjust and control your cards easily
  • Withdraw globally from any ATM across Mastercard networkWithdraw globally from any ATM across Mastercard network
  • Seamless in-store and online purchasingSeamless in-store and online purchasing
Gateway to the global network

Gateway to the global network

  • Round-the-clock transactionsRound-the-clock transactions
  • Instant internal transfersInstant internal transfers
  • Multi currency paymentsMulti currency payments
E-commerce payment collection

E-commerce payment collection

  • Seamless solution for payment collectionSeamless solution for payment collection
  • Manage your business anywhere on any deviceManage your business anywhere on any device
  • Personalized operations for your teamPersonalized operations for your team

The luxury of sophisticated asset management anywhere, anytime

Registration & KYB

Registration & KYB

Submit information and requested documents for evaluation

Account Confirmation

Account Confirmation

Receive confirmation for your business account in few hours

Operations launch

Operations launch

Start setting up operations and onboarding your employees


  • How can I apply for a personal swissmoney account?

    The personal account opening process on swissmoney is more than easy. You will have to verify your phone number and identity and fill out the short questionnaire. It will take no more than 5 minutes, and your account will be ready.

  • How can I apply for a business swissmoney account?

    The business account opening process is exceptionally smooth, with just a few steps to verify your phone number and identity and provide some additional documentation for your business.

  • How long it will take to open swissmoney account?

    The personal account will be issued within minutes. A business account will be verified in 1 business day due to the document review process. Please read carefully what documentation you have to provide, as it directly affects how quickly we will come back to you with the approval.

  • What types of businesses are accepted?

    swissmoney is open to a large variety of businesses, unlike traditional service providers. To mention some of the niches, your business can range from cryptocurrency mining and other crypto currency operations, the commerce of the arts, luxury items (cars, boats, and planes), antiques, legal services, financial services, and much more. To learn more about acceptable businesses, please contact our dedicated support team.

  • What kind of services will I get with my swissmoney account?

    As swissmoney client you are fully provided with a full range of services such as SEPA and SWIFT accounts, electronic wallets, and crypto exchange as well as receive and send digital assets, virtual and physical payment cards.

  • What types of transactions will I be able to make?

    You can make SEPA/SWIFT payments, crypto transactions, payment card operations, and internal funds transfer between swissmoney clients.

  • What currencies will I be able to use?

    swissmoney offers EUR, USD, and CHF currencies with additional currencies to be introduced continuously.

  • What crypto currencies will I be able to use?

    You can open BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, and TRX wallets with other cryptocurrencies to be introduced along the way.

  • Where can I find the pricing for swissmoney services?

    The pricing depends on the risk level, which will be determined just after the successful completion of the onboarding process. Once the onboarding process is finished, the pricing appears in the account’s fee section.

  • How can I be sure that my account and my funds are secure?

    swissmoney is based on 2FA authentication which means that no one will be able to log in to your account without the newly generated code in the authentication app. Keep in mind that swissmoney support will never ask you to provide a verification code, the code is known only for you. All operations in swissmoney are backed by the highest Swiss security standards that provide advanced regulatory and insurance technology, and all the assets are stored in swissmoney offline cloud storage solution in Switzerland.

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