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Enabling businesses to save time and money, seize new opportunities, and scale operations to a Swiss quality standard.

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Boundless Operations

Boundless Operations

Hold full control over your operations anytime, anywhere.

Near Instant Approval

Near Instant Approval

Avoid all unnecessary paperwork and red-tape.

Open for Any Business

Open for Any Business

Breaking the traditional mold with greater business inclusivity.

21st Century Swiss Financial Platform

World renown tradition meets the best modern financial technology has to offer. Whether dealing in Euros, Dollars or Bitcoin, whether you’re in Zurich, New York or Dubai, we promise you the full-suite Swiss quality experience.

  • Seamless and easy daily operationsSeamless and easy daily operations
  • Diverse distribution of individual assetsDiverse distribution of individual assets
  • Global on-the-go access to all of your assetsGlobal on-the-go access to all of your assets
21st Century Swiss Financial Platform

Your Financial Gateway to the World

Modern business is global. To strive in the current market you can't limit your operations, supply-chain, clients or partners to purely local borders. We believe that swift operations and a global reach is paramount to an active business account.

  • Round-the-clock transactionsRound-the-clock transactions
  • Instant internal and European transfers through SEPAInstant internal and European transfers through SEPA
  • Multi-currency pooling accountsMulti-currency pooling accounts
Your Financial Gateway to the World

Individualized E-Commerce Solutions

Personalize your experience to suit your business’s and team’s specific needs and requirements, and take full advantage of swissmoney’s internal transfers for a seamless payment collection.

  • Seamless solution for payment collectionSeamless solution for payment collection
  • Manage your business anywhere on any device Manage your business anywhere on any device
  • Personalized operations for your teamPersonalized operations for your team
Individualized E-Commerce Solutions

Complete Asset Management
Anywhere, Anytime


Registration and KYB

Easily submit the required documents for evaluation.


Account Confirmation

Receive confirmation for your business account within a few hours.


Launch Operations

Begin operations with all of swissmoney capabilities available to you.


All your questions about swissmoney answered.

  • How can I apply for a swissmoney business account online?

    The business account opening process is exceptionally smooth, with just a few steps to verify your phone number, identity, and provide some additional documentation concerning your business.

  • What kind of services will I get with my swissmoney business account?

    As a swissmoney business client you will get a dedicated team working with you during the onboarding process, making sure you and your team are well prepared to make use of your new swissmoney account. Once onboarded you will be able to top-up, transfer and hold your funds in crypto. Additionally, you will get access to dedicated IBANs with instant payments across Europe through SEPA, multi-currency pooling accounts, and virtual payment cards with zero hard spending limits.

  • What types of businesses are accepted?

    swissmoney is open to a large variety of businesses, unlike traditional service providers. To mention some of the niches, your business can range from cryptocurrency mining and other crypto currency operations, the commerce of the arts, luxury items (cars, boats, and planes), antiques, legal services, financial services, and much more. To learn more about acceptable businesses, please contact our dedicated support team at

  • What currencies will I be able to use?

    Currently swissmoney offers the use of EUR, USD, GBP and CHF with additional currencies to continuously be introduced down the line.

  • What cryptocurrencies will I be able to use?

    You can open BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, and TRX wallets with other cryptocurrencies to be introduced along the way.

  • How can I be sure that my account and my funds are secure?

    swissmoney employs 2FA authentication to ensure that only you can access your account securely. Your fiat funds held in dedicated Foxpay IBANs are protected by the Bank of Lithuania. Additionally, our infrastructure for crypto operations is fortified by partnerships with industry leaders in blockchain security such as Fireblocks and Elliptic.

  • How does the onboarding process work?

    Firstly we establish a suitable communication channel like telegram or whatsapp where our team will brief you on all the necessary paperwork and procedures. After you submit all the required paperwork we will do an initial compliance check. Once it is passed, we will proceed to onboarding on the platform itself and you will be able to use it.

  • How fast can you onboard a company?

    If all the documents are in place and in the right order, we can onboard a company in 48 hours. However, please keep in mind this may vary depending on the time it takes to gather all the required paperwork.

  • What are the swissmoney business account fees?

    We have a fixed one-time 450 EUR onboarding fee and a monthly maintenance fee for corporate accounts that is tailored to clients on a case by case basis and depends on their planned monthly activities.

  • Do you provide OTC services?

    Yes, we do, however in these cases some manual work is involved and an additional contract has to be signed.

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All your questions about swissmoney answered.

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