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A Collection of Crypto Quotes

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For a long time, crypto was a mystical thing belonging to the modern world far far away from the present. Even now, whether you talk about the popular Bitcoin or venture into the blockchain debate, you will eventually find this technology controversial.

These important developments are driving innovations that are being talked about more and more loudly by every Bitcoin developer and person fascinated by technology.

However, the crypto industry, its widespread adoption, and volatility are pushing political boundaries. This is why any decentralized digital currency is often called the money of people. And it is not only a hot topic but the future.

In this article, you will find a collection of inspiring, interesting, and deep crypto quotes from famous people that hopefully spark your interest in crypto even more.

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Top 10 inspiring quotes about the Bitcoin universe

  1. “Bitcoin is a tool for freeing humanity from oligarchs and tyrants, dressed up as a get-rich-quick scheme.” – Naval Ravikant
  2. “Women are gaining more and more space in the use of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies to take control of their finances and, consequently, their lives.” – Valentina Drofa
  3. “Bitcoin is not a currency for the government; it is a global currency for the people.” – Wences Casares
  4. “Crypto and NFTs are a path to financial independence, so it’s important that women and girls know about them. When I first heard about blockchain, I didn’t think it was for me. But I realized that it can be an inclusive space for women and people of color. I think crypto has the power to radically advance women’s rights.” – Maliha Abidi
  5. “Bitcoin is a technological revolution that will disrupt traditional financial systems.” – Andreas Antonopoulos
  6. “As the value goes up, heads start to swivel, and skeptics soften. Starting a new currency is easy. Anyone can do it. The trick is getting people to accept it because it is their use that gives the ‘money’ value.” – Adam B. Levine
  7. “I do think Bitcoin is the first [encrypted money] that has the potential to do something like change the world.” – Peter Thiel
  8. “Cryptocurrency is such a powerful concept that it can almost overturn governments.” – Charles Lee
  9. “If crypto succeeds, it’s not because it empowers better people. It’s because it empowers better institutions.” – Vitalik Buterin
  10. “Mobile was Internet 2.0. It changed everything. Crypto is Internet 3.0.” – Gil Penchina

Crypto quotes by famous people

“Bitcoin is a technological tour de force.” – Bill Gates

“There may be other currencies like it that may be even better. But in the meantime, there’s a big industry around Bitcoin.” – Richard Branson

“People have made fortunes off Bitcoin, some have lost money. It is volatile, but people make money off of volatility too.” – Richard Branson

“As people move into Bitcoin for payments and receipts they stop using US Dollars, Euros, and Chinese Yuan which in the long-term devalues these currencies.” – John McAfee

“You can’t stop things like Bitcoin. It will be everywhere and the world will have to readjust. World governments will have to readjust.” – John McAfee

“Whenever the price of cryptocurrency is rallying, people start spending a lot more.” – Erik Voorhees

“Bitcoin is a hedge against the traditional financial system and a beacon of hope for economic empowerment.” – Tyler Winklevoss

“With e-currency based on cryptographic proof, without the need to trust a third-party middleman, money can be secure and transactions effortless.” – Satoshi Nakamoto

“The internet is going to be one of the major forces for reducing the role of government. One thing that’s missing but that will soon be developed, is a reliable e-cash.” – Milton Friedman

“The ability to create something which is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value… Lots of people will build businesses on top of that.” – Eric Schmidt

“If the cryptocurrency market overall or a digital asset is solving a problem, it’s going to drive some value.” – Brad Garlinghouse

“I see Bitcoin as ultimately becoming a reserve currency for banks, playing much the same role as gold did in the early days of banking. Banks could issue digital cash with greater anonymity and lighter weight, more efficient transactions.” – Hal Finney

The best Bitcoin quotes

“I describe Bitcoin as “a digital version of gold” eGold.” – Arif Naseem

“I do think Bitcoin is the first [encrypted money] that has the potential to do something like change the world.” – Peter Thiel

“When I first heard about Bitcoin, I thought it was impossible. How can you have a purely digital currency? Can’t I just copy your hard drive and have your bitcoins? I didn’t understand how that could be done, and then I looked into it and it was brilliant.” – Jeff Garzik

“PayPal had these goals of creating a new currency. We failed at that, and we just created a new payment system. I think Bitcoin has succeeded on the level of a new currency, but the payment system is somewhat lacking. It’s very hard to use, and that’s the big challenge on the Bitcoin side.” – Peter Thiel

“At its core, bitcoin is a smart currency, designed by very forward-thinking engineers. It eliminates the need for banks, gets rid of credit card fees, currency exchange fees, money transfer fees, and reduces the need for lawyers in transitions… all good things.” – Peter Diamandis

“Bitcoin is a very exciting development, it might lead to a world currency. I think over the next decade, it will grow to become one of the most important ways to pay for things and transfer assets.” – Kim Dotcom

“Bitcoin will do to banks what email did to the postal industry.” – Rick Falkvinge

“With Bitcoin, you don’t need to worry about security and storage like you do with gold – it’s all safely stored on the blockchain.” – Arif Naseem

“Bitcoin was created to serve a highly political intent, a free and uncensored network where all can participate with equal access.” – Amir Taaki

“It’s gold for nerds.” – Stephan Colbert

“Bitcoin is here to stay. There would be a hacker uproar against anyone who attempted to take credit for the patent of cryptocurrency. And I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of hacker fury.” – Adam Draper

“Bitcoin is digital gold — growing harder, smarter, faster, & stronger due to the relentless progression of technology.” – Michael Saylor

“I think Bitcoin is on the verge of getting broad acceptance by conventional finance people.” – Elon Musk

“What can’t kill Bitcoin makes it stronger.” – Mark Wittkowski

“Bitcoin’s value is the same: It will remain as long as it is the most efficient mechanism for transferring ownership.” – Fred Ehrsam

Deep crypto quotes

“Bitcoin is a remarkable cryptographic achievement… The ability to create something which is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value… Lots of people will build businesses on top of that.” – Eric Schmidt

“Every informed person needs to know about Bitcoin because it might be one of the world’s most important developments.” – Leon Luow

“We see bitcoin as potentially the greatest social network of all.” – Tyler Winklevoss

“If you don’t believe it or don’t get it, I don’t have the time to try to convince you, sorry.” – Satoshi Nakamoto

“Crypto today is a libertarian paradise. If you send your money to the wrong place, it’s gone. If you send it to a merchant and don’t receive the goods, you have no recourse. This is cash. Treat it as such. ” – Gil Penchina

“Every time I would talk about crypto, my analytics would go through the roof. The analytics went crazy.” – Francis X. Suarez

Quotes about DeFi

“The DeFi revolution is here to stay. It offers the promise of a bankless world, where you don’t need permission to save or invest your money. Like any nascent technology, there will be times when it gets overhyped, but DeFi is real and it’s already working in the wild. This is just the beginning.” – Tyler Winklevoss

“DeFi boom is a very near equivalent of an apocalyptic event for the traditional financial institutions.” – Mohith Agadi

“The Decentralization of Finance is really good for humanity and it’s ultimately a win for each and every one of us. Because now that we can circumvent banks, exchanges, and brokerage companies by using smart contracts on the blockchain… every person, every family, and every business will experience more liberty, more freedom, more opportunities, more abundance, more power, and more wealth. This makes way for more opportunities around financial wellness, permaculture investing, more effective crowdfunding, better ownership and equity arrangements, and more.” –Hendrith Smith

“DeFi holds a promising future. We are also excited to see ETH2 launch, and we may even see more users go from BTC to ETH to acquire the 32 needed to stake.” –Jordan Anderson

“Crypto is the true ritual if you know your Babaláwo (mentor) well enough.” Olawale Daniel“At their core, banks sell the utility of resources and the stewardship of resources.” – Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr

“DeFi (fever) is currently like the previous ICO fever — but on steroids. Having said that it is an amazing technology and will deliver true access to both lending and credit without needing intermediaries to sanction anyone’s involvement. Core to its success will be the governance layer, which once stable, will dictate the membership of each project, aligning people with similar world views, risk appetite, and passions.” –Jillian Godsil

“I am excited for ETH2.0! I love seeing improvements and innovation in the space, I will be staking once the conversion is complete. As far as the speed and costs, they claim the “system” will be faster and more affordable as ETH costs can get a little ridiculous at the time. I’m hoping the improvements will solve the current issues if they are not the ecosystem could have serious repercussions and many ERC20 projects will fail. Let us play to Vitalik that we have a seamless launch in December.” – Crypto Wendy-O

Blockchain quotes

“When decentralised blockchain protocols start displacing the centralised web services that dominate the current Internet, we’ll start to see real Internet-based sovereignty. The future Internet will be decentralised.” – Olaf Carlson-Wee

“[Blockchain] is the biggest opportunity set we can think of over the next decade or so.” – Bob Greifeld

“We have elected to put our money and faith in a mathematical framework that is free of politics and human error.” – Tyler Winklevoss

“Anything that can conceive of as a supply chain, blockchain can vastly improve its efficiency- it doesn’t matter if its people, numbers, data, money.” – Ginni Rometty

“The blockchain concept was pioneered within the context of crypto-currency Bitcoin, but engineers have imagined many other ways for distributed ledger technology to streamline the world. Stock exchanges and big banks, for example, are looking at blockchain-type systems as trading settlement platforms.” – Anthony Scaramucci

“Blockchain technology has such a wide range of transformational use cases, from recreating the plumbing of Wall Street to creating financial sovereignty in the farthest regions of the world.” – Perianne Boring

“Whereas most technologies tend to automate workers on the periphery doing menial tasks, blockchains automate away the center. Instead of putting the taxi driver out of a job, blockchain puts Uber out of a job and lets the taxi drivers work with the customer directly.” – Vitalik Buterin

“I think that governments are going to get disrupted by the blockchain. I think in the same way that the Internet forced everyone to evolve, the Blockchain is going to change the game again.” – Adam Draper

“Blockchain is the tech. Bitcoin is merely the first mainstream manifestation of its potential.” – Marc Kenigsberg

Quotes on crypto’s future

“Cryptology represents the future of privacy [and] by implication [it] also represents the future of money, and the future of banking and finance.” – Orlin Grabbe

“I find that oftentimes the most ironic and entertaining outcome is the most likely. And the most entertaining outcome would be Dogecoin becoming the global new earth currency.” – Elon Musk

“Bitcoin, and the ideas behind it, will be a disrupter to the traditional notions of currency. In the end, the currency will be better for it.” – Edmund C. Moy

“Blockchain technology isn’t just a more efficient way to settle securities. It will fundamentally change market structures, and maybe even the architecture of the Internet itself.” – Abigail Johnson

“I think the fact that within the bitcoin universe, an algorithm replaces the function of the government… is actually pretty cool.” – Al Gore

“In 2017, people have realized there isn’t going to be one crypto to rule them all. You’re seeing vertical solutions where XRP is focused on payment problems, Ethereum is focused on smart contracts, and increasingly, Bitcoin is a store of value. Those aren’t competitive. In fact, I want Bitcoin and Ethereum to be successful.” – Brad Garlinghouse


Crypto has irreversibly changed the financial industry. Despite the skeptics, since the world first saw Bitcoin and other currencies, the chatter about crypto has not died down. It has grown even louder.

Many famous people, economists, CEOs, and industry experts have changed the minds of many about the world of decentralised currencies with their crypto quotes.

And today, you can see the promise for the future and a need to grow by adapting to a changing world with crypto.

Živilė Šarkauskaitė

Živilė is a writer with a diverse background, having worked with tech start-ups and pioneering brands across various industries. Her profound interest in progress and innovation drives her to the field of Fintech, a realm that sparks her curiosity and inspires her to share insights with others.

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