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How Long Does PayPal Take to Send Money?

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Usually, PayPal takes up to 5 business days to send money. However, transferring money from a PayPal account may take up to 21 days if you are a new seller. Nonetheless, the actual time depends on the payment method and where you send your money to.

Here is an overview of the different PayPal payment methods and their processing time:

Standard PayPal transfer to a bank account

Generally, standard transfers of your PayPal balance usually arrive within a day or two, but it may take up to five business days.

Once you’ve linked your bank account to your PayPal account, sending money is as easy as sending an email. However, your bank may assess a fee for receiving a standard transfer.

Standard PayPal transfer to a credit or debit card

You can transfer money from your PayPal account to a debit or credit card within 48 hours. It is a charge-free option.

Money transfer using a cheque

In the United States, it typically takes between 5 and 10 business days to receive a cheque.

However, sending cheques to international addresses requires extra patience. It’s advisable to allocate up to 45 days for the cheque to reach its intended destination to facilitate timely expectations.

If it comes to a situation where you have to send money from PayPal via a cheque, it will cost you 1.50 USD in fees.

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PayPal Instant Transfer

With PayPal’s Instant Transfer feature, you may move money from your PayPal accounts to your linked bank accounts or cards within 30 minutes, avoiding the customary payment delay.

How does PayPal Instant Transfer work?

PayPal Instant Transfer allows you to swiftly transfer money to your linked bank account or eligible Visa or Mastercard debit card. A few straightforward steps can get you on your way.

How to make a PayPal Instant Transfer?

To make a PayPal Instant Transfer, all it takes is two simple steps:

  1. Link an eligible bank account or debit card. As part of your business PayPal account setup, you’ll need to link a bank account or a debit card. It facilitates quicker money transfers and lifts payment limits, maximising the potential of your PayPal account.
  2. Click Transfer Money. Upon reaching the money transfer page, select your preferred withdrawal method and watch your funds journey to the designated destination.
  3. Choose Instant Transfer from three available PayPal transfer options:
    • Standard transfer: 1-3 business days.
    • Instant Transfer to bank account: 30 minutes or less.
    • Instant Transfer to debit card: 30 minutes or less.
  4. Confirm the transfer, and you’re done.

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PayPal Instant Transfer limits

The limits for PayPal Instant Transfers to your eligible debit card remain standard:

  • $5,000 per transaction
  • $5,000 per day
  • $5,000 per week
  • $15,000 per month

Opting for an instant transfer to a linked bank account comes with an allowable limit of $25,000 per transaction.

When using PayPal’s money transfer services, it’s crucial to understand the transaction limits associated with your chosen method, whether you’re transferring funds to your bank account or debit card.

While these substantial limits may predominantly affect businesses necessitating larger withdrawals, they warrant attention for any urgent funds required for time-sensitive expenses.

Instant Transfer fees

While the standard PayPal transfers are free, Instant Transfers come with a 1.75% fee on the transferred amount. Fortunately, as long as your transaction stays within your limits, the fee is capped at a maximum of $25.

PayPal’s transaction fees are notably more modest than other alternatives like wire transfers. For instance, you could be charged as much as $15 for simply receiving money via a wire transfer.

Yet, even though PayPal’s Instant Transfer fees appear inconspicuous, they can accumulate over time. The key is to utilise Instant Transfer judiciously, reserving it for situations demanding immediacy.

Otherwise, the convenience fees incurred could significantly dent your overall profits.

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An Easier Way: swissmoney App
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Can PayPal Instant Transfer be used for international transactions?

You can use PayPal Instant Transfer to make international transactions, as PayPal operates in over 200 countries.

For added convenience, PayPal can automatically convert foreign money into your chosen currency. You can transfer money as soon as the funds are available in your PayPal balance.

However, sending money to another country from a PayPal balance, bank accounting or a card incurs a 5% international fee with a minimum charge of $0.99 and a maximum of $4.99.

Also, there is a currency conversion fee of 3.5% for converting funds to US or Canadian dollars and 4% for other currencies.

How long does it take to transfer money internationally using PayPal?

When you transfer money internationally using the PayPal Instant Transfer option, the recipient typically receives the money almost immediately. 

On the other hand, it often takes 3-5 business days to get a standard transfer.  

Moreover, PayPal charges a 4% fee for international transfers.

Why is the money I received on PayPal pending?

If the money you received on PayPal is pending, the funds have transitioned from the buyer’s account and are on their way to the seller’s account.

PayPal may occasionally subject specific transactions to a review process to maintain security protocols. In cases where no fraudulent activity is detected, your funds will still be available after a brief delay.

Sometimes, delays may not be rooted in PayPal’s processes but instead attributed to your bank’s internal procedures. In such instances, reaching out to your bank for resolution steps becomes pivotal.

How to add money to your PayPal balance?

You can add money to your PayPal account by doing the following:

  • Your debit card (Visa or Mastercard)
  • A verified bank account

Transferring cash from a bank account to a PayPal account can take up to 5 business days. However, you can quickly add funds if you have a debit card.

To top off your PayPal account, follow these steps:

  1. Open your wallet.
  2. Select Transfer Money.
  3. Click Add money from your bank or debit card to proceed. Put the sum in the box.
  4. Choose In seconds with a debit or In 3-5 days with your bank.

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