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How to Get Paid in USDC: A Beginner’s Guide

Renata Pacheco

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Renata Pacheco

June 4, 2024

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Ciaran Lawler

[key_takeaways title="How to get paid in USDC"]

  1. Select a crypto wallet that supports USDC.
  2. Give your USDC wallet address to the payer; it functions like a bank account number but for digital currency.
  3. For freelancers or contractors, generate and send invoices requesting payment in USDC, including your wallet address.
  4. Thanks to blockchain efficiency, payments sent to your USDC address typically arrive quickly.


In recent years, USDC has emerged as a preferred choice for digital payments thanks to its stable value and efficiency. 

Pegged to the US dollar, USDC combines the flexibility of cryptocurrency with the stability of fiat currency, making it an attractive option for freelancers, businesses, and digital nomads.

This article explores practical ways to get paid in USDC, highlighting the processes and benefits of receiving your income in one of the most stable and widely accepted digital currencies available today.

Why do people want to be paid in USDC?

USDC has become a preferred payment method in the digital and global economy. It offers the flexibility of cryptocurrency with the stability of traditional fiat currency. 

It's pegged 1:1 to the US dollar, ensuring a stable value that reduces the volatility risk commonly associated with cryptocurrencies.

This stability makes USDC ideal for precise financial planning and avoiding the unpredictability of typical crypto assets. 

Additionally, its increasing acceptance across various platforms enhances its usability for many transactions, ranging from bill payments to trading on decentralised exchanges.


The adoption of USDC also brings practical financial benefits, such as faster and cheaper payments, particularly in cross-border transactions, thanks to blockchain technology that cuts out intermediaries and lowers fees.

Moreover, USDC transactions are secure and transparent, each recorded on a blockchain, offering greater security and traceability than traditional banking methods. 

USDC also opens doors to the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, where users can lend, borrow, and earn rewards, increasing utility.

Furthermore, USDC supports programmable payments, which streamline business operations and personal finance management, especially for recurring payments and contractual obligations. These attributes make USDC a strategic and practical choice for modern financial needs.

What are the different ways to be paid in USD Coin (USDC)?

There are several straightforward methods to receive payments in USDC, catering to different professional needs:

  • Crypto payment platforms: Some services enable businesses to accept USDC payments. These platforms integrate seamlessly with existing systems, facilitating an easy shift from traditional to crypto transactions.
  • Direct wallet transfers: If you have a compatible crypto wallet, you can receive USDC directly by providing your wallet address to the sender. This is particularly convenient for freelancers and contractors familiar with cryptocurrency.
  • Employer payment solutions: Some employers now offer salary payments in cryptocurrencies like USDC using specific services. These services convert deposited fiat currencies into USDC and transfer them directly to employees' crypto wallets.
  • Freelance and gig economy platforms: Platforms catering to freelancers may offer USDC payment options, simplifying the process of receiving and converting funds globally.
  • Decentralized exchanges (DEXs): For those involved in the cryptocurrency market, receiving payments through DEXs for services or trading can be a viable option.
  • Invoice services in crypto: Some tools allow businesses to issue invoices and receive payments in USDC directly into their crypto wallets.

These options highlight USDC's flexibility as a payment method suitable for digitally savvy users and those seeking stability in cryptocurrency payments. 

The choice of method should align with your specific work nature, transaction types, and financial management needs.


How to get paid in USDC: Step by step for beginners

Receiving USDC payments is straightforward, even for beginners, by following these simplified steps:

  1. Choose a crypto wallet: Select a digital wallet that supports USDC, such as swissmoney. Prioritize user-friendly interfaces, strong security measures, and reliable customer support.
  2. Set up your crypto wallet: After downloading the wallet app or accessing it via a web browser, create your account. This process involves setting up a password and securing your account with a seed phrase, which is crucial for account recovery.
  3. Receive your USDC address: Within your wallet, find the option to receive USDC and generate a unique address. This address functions like a bank account number for receiving USDC.
  4. Share your USDC address: Inform payers of your USDC address accurately to ensure correct payments. Share it through email, text, or secure invoicing platforms.
  5. Confirm payment: Monitor your wallet for the arrival of USDC, which is usually quick due to blockchain efficiency. Once confirmed, the USDC is ready for use.
  6. Manage your USDC: Keep your USDC in the wallet to maintain its stable value, convert it to other cryptocurrencies, or use services like swissmoney to convert it to equivalent fiat currency and withdraw it to a bank account.

Getting paid in USDC: Discover the swissmoney wallet

swissmoney-crypto-wallet (1).png

Using the swissmoney wallet to manage and receive USDC payments provides a variety of benefits, catering to both seasoned crypto users and beginners:

  • Ease of use: The swissmoney wallet features a beginner-friendly interface that simplifies the management of USDC, making it accessible even to those new to cryptocurrencies.
  • Integrated financial services: Beyond a simple wallet, swissmoney includes integrated financial solutions such as dedicated IBAN accounts, allowing easy conversion between USDC and fiat currencies.
  • Global payments capability: swissmoney supports global transactions through SEPA, enabling users to send and receive payments worldwide without the typical banking hurdles.
  • Virtual debit cards: Users can top up virtual debit cards with USDC, facilitating the use of cryptocurrency for everyday purchases online or in physical stores.
  • High-security standards: The platform ensures the security of accounts and transactions with advanced measures such as KYC, encryption, two-factor authentication (2FA), and biometric recognition.
  • Flexible transaction limits: swissmoney does not impose hard spending limits on its payment cards, providing needed flexibility for large transactions, which is particularly beneficial for high-net-worth individuals or businesses.

These features highlight how swissmoney facilitates the receipt of payments in USDC and enhances the management and usability of your digital assets, allowing you to buy USDC, store money, and create accounts within a comprehensive crypto ecosystem.

How to set up a wallet to receive USDC at swissmoney

Setting up a wallet to receive USDC at swissmoney is streamlined for ease and quick access:

1. Sign up for a swissmoney account: Visit the swissmoney website, create an account by providing basic details like your name, email, and a secure password, and complete email verification to secure your account.


2. Complete KYC verification: Comply with financial regulations by completing the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Upload required identification documents, such as a passport or driver’s license, to activate your account for transactions.

Frame-1400649 (1).png

3. Set up your digital wallet: After KYC approval, go to the digital assets section of your account, add a new wallet, and select USDC as your cryptocurrency. swissmoney will generate a unique digital wallet address for receiving USDC payments.

Frame-1400644 (1).png

These steps will help you easily set up and manage USDC in your swissmoney wallet, enhancing digital and traditional financial transactions.

What are the Pros and Cons of being paid in USDC?

Receiving payments in USDC offers a modern alternative to traditional methods, fitting well with the rising adoption of digital currencies.

Here’s a brief overview of the main benefits and challenges:

Faster transactionsVolatility
Global useRegulatory


  • Financial stability: USDC's 1:1 peg to the US dollar, where each USDC is backed by one dollar, ensures minimal volatility, commonly associated with other cryptocurrencies.
  • Speed of transactions: USDC transactions are generally quicker than traditional bank transfers, particularly for international dealings.
  • Lower transaction costs: USDC's transaction fees are typically lower than those of traditional banks, making it economical for both minor and major transactions.


  • Limited acceptance: USDC's adoption is increasing but still not as widely accepted as traditional currencies or established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.
  • Regulatory uncertainty: The evolving legal framework for cryptocurrencies may influence the future use and acceptance of USDC.
  • Technology dependence: Utilizing USDC requires internet access and technological tools, which might not be readily available in less developed areas.

This summary can aid in understanding whether USDC payments align with your financial objectives.

What you need to know before you get paid in USDC

Before opting to receive payments in USDC, several key areas should be considered to ensure that your experience is secure, compliant, and aligned with your financial goals.

Here’s what you need to know:


Security is crucial for handling digital currencies like USDC, which uses blockchain technology for secure, transparent transactions. 

To safeguard your assets, use reputable crypto wallets, enable two-factor authentication, and regularly update your wallet software to include the latest security measures and bug fixes.

Regulatory compliance

As regulatory scrutiny of cryptocurrencies continues to grow worldwide, staying informed about local regulations and understanding the tax implications of receiving income in USDC is essential. 

Consulting with a tax advisor can help ensure compliance and proper reporting of cryptocurrency transactions.

Volatility and market risks

Although USDC is designed for stability as it is pegged to the US dollar, the broader cryptocurrency market's volatility can still pose risks. 

Staying updated on market trends and diversifying your payment options can mitigate potential impacts on your financial stability.

Technological dependence

Managing USDC payments requires familiarity with cryptocurrency technologies and access to digital tools. 

Ensure you are comfortable using digital wallets and exchanges, and regularly back up your wallet data to protect against data loss.

Conversion and liquidity

If you plan to convert USDC to fiat for regular expenses, ensure easy conversion through platforms like swissmoney, which offers integrated services. 

Verify that these platforms provide sufficient liquidity for quick and efficient transactions without significant price discrepancies.

Is it safe to get paid in USDC?

Getting paid in USDC is generally safe because it is backed by US dollars held at regulated financial institutions, ensuring stability and real value.

Blockchain technology bolsters the security of USDC transactions, providing transparency and protecting against fraud. 

However, safety also relies on using secure digital wallets, enabling two-factor authentication, and maintaining secure recovery phrases.

What are the risks of getting paid in USDC?

While receiving payments in USDC has benefits, potential risks include regulatory uncertainties as cryptocurrency laws evolve, security risks depending on the wallet or platform used, and the impact of broader cryptocurrency market volatility on USDC's operations.


What tax do I pay when getting paid in USDC?

Payments in USDC are subject to tax obligations similar to those of other forms of income. 

This includes income tax based on the fiat value at the time of receipt and potentially capital gains tax if the value of USDC changes upon conversion to fiat or another cryptocurrency.

Detailed record-keeping of all USDC transactions is crucial for accurate tax reporting, and consulting a knowledgeable advisor is recommended to ensure compliance with local regulations.


Getting paid in USDC offers a unique combination of stability, efficiency, and versatility, making it an attractive option for those looking to leverage the benefits of digital currencies without the typical volatility of cryptocurrencies.

Whether you're a freelancer, a small business, or just exploring the potential of stablecoins, USDC provides a viable, legal, and increasingly popular means of managing and receiving payments globally.

With its growing acceptance and ease of conversion to fiat currency, USDC stands out as a solid choice for integrating cryptocurrency's innovation into everyday financial transactions.


How do I earn money with USDC?

You can earn money with USDC by lending it on DeFi platforms, staking in supporting protocols, or participating in yield farming to accumulate rewards.

How do I receive USDC payments?

To receive USDC, you need a compatible digital wallet and share your wallet address with the payer.

Where can I get paid in USDC?

USDC payments are supported on various platforms, including freelance job platforms, direct employer arrangements, or in exchange for goods and services.

Is being paid in USDC legal?

Yes, receiving payment in USDC is legal in many areas, but you should verify the cryptocurrency regulations specific to your jurisdiction.

Is it worth getting paid in USDC?

Getting paid in USDC is advantageous for faster, cheaper, and more stable transactions than traditional cryptocurrencies.

Should I invest in USDC before getting paid in It?

Investing in USDC isn't necessary before receiving payments, but familiarizing yourself with its function and holding a small amount can be beneficial.

How do I get cash from USDC?

Convert USDC to cash by selling it on a cryptocurrency exchange for fiat, then withdrawing the money to your bank account. Alternatively, you can use a crypto debit card like those offered by Swiss Money for direct spending.

How do I convert USDC to fiat currency?

Transfer USDC to a crypto exchange, sell it for your desired fiat currency, and withdraw the fiat to your bank account. Alternatively, use a crypto debit card to spend USDC as fiat directly.

How does USDC compare to traditional finance?

USDC offers several advantages over traditional finance. It provides faster transaction times and competitive rates compared to traditional banking methods. 

Moreover, being a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, USDC reduces volatility risks, making it a more stable option for storing money. 

It also allows for more liquidity and can be used to earn USDC rewards, providing a flexible and efficient financial solution.

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