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How to Sell Crypto on

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Are you wondering how to sell crypto on Look no further. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or new to the crypto world, we’ve got you covered with a step-by-step walkthrough of the process.


How to sell a crypto token on

Before selling crypto, you need a Starter level account at least to get money out of your exchange wallet. The Starter level relates to your account’s verification status.

Thus, if you don’t have a verified account yet, you’ll need to finish the verification process before withdrawing funds to your bank account.

After the verification process is finished, you can submit a crypto withdrawal request and start the process. Here are the steps to do it:

1. Open the app 

To sell crypto on the app, first log in to your account. You can access the app on either iOS or Android devices.

2. Click on the Fiat wallet

To make a trade, go to your account’s main page, select the fiat wallet, and hit Trade. After selecting Trade, you’ll be given the choice to buy or sell crypto. Select the Sell button.

3. Sell crypto

You may sell any of your crypto tokens by selecting the Sell button. Choose the coin you want to sell and the coin you want to exchange it for. Next, specify the number of crypto coins or fiat money you wish to unload.

Select the cryptocurrency you want to sell and then input the desired selling price before tapping the Sell Crypto button on the screen’s bottom.

As soon as you sell the cryptocurrency, the token will be exchanged for another currency and deposited into the digital wallet of your account.

An Easier Way: swissmoney App
An Easier Way: swissmoney App
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Adding a bank account

To streamline your banking experience on, you can easily add and verify up to 5 bank accounts for transactions. To do so, begin by selecting your preferred bank. Log in using your online banking credentials.

Once successfully added, your bank account becomes available for fund transfers, ensuring compatibility with the ACH network.

Subsequently, you can initiate USD withdrawals to your bank accounts by reviewing the EUR or USD withdrawal details and confirming the transaction.

The system will then update you on the status of your withdrawal request, allowing for seamless monitoring of your financial transactions within the platform.

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Withdrawing money from

If you want to withdraw money directly to your bank account, you’ll need to take several steps.

  1. Open the app: Launch the fiat wallet on your mobile device.
  2. Link your bank account: If you haven’t already linked your preferred bank account to your account, you can do so now. Skip this step if your bank account is already linked.
  3. Access transfer options: Click on Transfer; you can find this option under your crypto account balance.
  4. Initiate withdrawal: On the next screen, you will see a pop-up with two choices: deposit and withdraw. Choose Withdraw. Then you’ll be presented with two options: crypto and fiat money. Opt for the fiat money withdrawal method, which is described as Withdraw fiat to your bank account.
  5. Select your currency: Pick the currency you prefer to withdraw from your account.
  6. Specify the amount: Enter the exact amount of money you wish to withdraw from your account.
  7. Confirm withdrawal: Once you’ve entered the amount you want to withdraw, confirm your selection by clicking “Withdraw.”
  8. Carefully review withdrawal details: A confirmation window will appear, showing you the withdrawn amount, any associated fees, processing time, recipient details, and the total withdrawal amount.

Be aware of restrictions. You can withdraw a maximum amount of $50,000 per month, and the minimum withdrawal limit is $100. Attempting to withdraw less than $100 will result in a notification.

Withdrawal address allowlisting

Any time you want to send money to a new external wallet address, you should first allowlist that withdrawal address to ensure the safety of your funds.

The steps to achieve this are to click the TRANSFER button, then click the “Withdraw” tab, the “Crypto” tab, and finally the “External Wallet” tab.

To proceed, hit the “+Add Wallet Address” button. Select the cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw, then copy the withdrawal address and either enter it manually or scan it.

Select “CONTINUE” after you have given your wallet a name. Your authenticator app will generate a 6-digit verification code that you’ll need to enter.

Then, you can simply repeat the process until you add all withdrawal addresses to your allowlist.

Selling crypto on swissmoney

The process of selling cryptocurrencies on swissmoney platform is very smooth and fast.

You can open BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, and TRX wallets and convert your crypto tokens to EUR, USD, GBP, or CHF. Moreover, additional currencies are to continuously be introduced down the line.

If you want to sell crypto on swissmoney platform, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the app and navigate to the Assets tab.
  2. Select cryptocurrency. If you don’t have a crypto wallet of that currency, create it.
  3. Choose the amount of digital assets you want to sell.
  4. Confirm the deal.

Funds will be deposited into your swissmoney account within 1-3 business days.

Try the New swissmoney App
Try the New swissmoney App
Fiat or crypto, Android or iOS we promise you the best Swiss quality experience.
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How to automate withdrawals on the app? takes security seriously by storing customer funds offline in cold storage. Withdrawal requests for all cryptocurrencies, however, are processed automatically.

The fact that withdrawals typically take no longer than two hours to process is a bonus.

How do I get my money out of

Users of can take out USD from the app by exchanging their cryptocurrency for USD using their fiat wallet.

Then, using the ACH network, users can move USD funds from this fiat wallet to one or more of their bank accounts.

How do you withdraw USD on the app?

Here’s how to get your USD out of your USD fiat wallet and into your bank account:

  1. Access your fiat wallet from the main screen of the app.
  2. Tap Withdraw and then Transfer.
  3. Choose the Fiat Money menu item.
  4. Use the fiat currency of your choice. The most common choices are the Euro and the US Dollar.
  5. After selecting the USD amount, select Withdraw USD.
  6. To initiate a USD withdrawal, USD balance and go to the very bottom of the app and tap Withdraw Now.
  7. Set the amount and the bank account. Remember that there is a $100 minimum withdrawal limit.
  8. Confirm the USD withdrawal request.

Your request may take the app a few days to process. will send you an email as soon as they process the withdrawal.

Why can’t I withdraw money from

If you’re encountering difficulties with withdrawing funds from, several potential factors could be at play. Consider the following possibilities:

  1. Account Verification: Cryptocurrency exchanges often require users to complete a verification process to comply with regulatory standards. If you haven’t gone through this verification procedure, it might limit your ability to withdraw funds.
  2. Withdrawal Limits: Exchanges typically enforce withdrawal limits to enhance security. You may have surpassed your daily, weekly, or monthly withdrawal limit, which would temporarily prevent you from making withdrawals until the limit resets.
  3. Network Congestion: During periods of high demand or network congestion, cryptocurrency networks can experience delays or elevated transaction fees. These issues can affect the withdrawal process, causing delays or higher fees.
  4. Technical Glitches: Occasionally, technical glitches can occur either on the exchange platform or within the cryptocurrency network, impacting the withdrawal functionality. In such cases, it’s advisable to contact’s customer support team to inquire about any ongoing technical problems.

To resolve your withdrawal issue, we recommend reaching out to’s customer support team for assistance.

Is there any withdrawal fee?

When it comes to withdrawal fees, it’s important to note that they are dynamic and subject to change based on current network conditions.

The fee may vary depending on your chosen method, the specific cryptocurrency you’re withdrawing, your withdrawal destination (such as a bank account or external fiat wallet), and the withdrawal amount.

Therefore, check the most up-to-date fees listed on each withdrawal page within the app.

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