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How to Spend Bitcoins & Crypto: The Ultimate Guide (2024)

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Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to spend Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for daily transactions easily.
  • Explore diverse options for accepting Bitcoin payments in online shops and physical stores.
  • Convert Bitcoin to fiat effortlessly for use in various services and purchases.

Using Bitcoin and crypto might seem hard at first. You might not know where to spend them or how to change them into cash. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right tools, like a virtual debit card, IBANs, and a versatile wallet, spending your crypto is easy and safe.

Table of Contents

How to Use Bitcoin and Crypto

Using Bitcoin and other cryptos lets you handle money differently. With blockchain technology, you can send, receive, and spend your digital money anywhere. This system is safe and fast. It works well for buying things online, paying for services, or sending money to another country. With Bitcoin, you can trade value easily without using regular banks.

Step 1: Set Up a Cryptocurrency Wallet

To start using Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, you must first create a Bitcoin wallet. This wallet will store your cryptographic keys that prove ownership of your digital assets. Choose a Bitcoin wallet based on your needs, such as convenience for daily transactions or enhanced security for large holdings.

Step 2: Buy Cryptocurrency

Once your Bitcoin wallet is set up, buying some cryptocurrency is next. You can do this through a cryptocurrency exchange by trading fiat money (USD, EUR, etc.) for Bitcoin or your chosen crypto. You can also receive it as payment for goods or services.

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Step 3: Make Payments with Cryptocurrency

To make a payment with cryptocurrency, go to the payment section of the merchantโ€™s platform that accepts crypto payments. Select the cryptocurrency option, and you will receive a wallet address (and possibly a QR code) to send your payment.

Step 4: Transfer Cryptocurrency

Enter the recipient’s wallet address into your own wallet application. Specify the amount you wish to send and confirm the transaction. Ensure you double-check the address since transactions cannot be reversed.

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Step 5: Convert Cryptocurrency to Fiat

If you need to convert your cryptocurrency into fiat money, use a crypto exchange service. You can sell your cryptocurrency on the exchange. After that, withdraw the fiat currency to your bank account or use a crypto debit card that converts crypto to fiat at the time of sale.

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Step 6: Accept Cryptocurrency as Payment

To accept cryptocurrency as payment for goods or services, display your walletโ€™s receive address or QR code to your customers. You will receive the funds in your wallet once the blockchain confirms the transaction.

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Following these steps, you can use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for various transactions.

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An Easier Way: swissmoney App
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What Are the Different Ways to Spend Bitcoin and Crypto

There are many ways to use Bitcoin and other cryptos today. You can now buy things, pay for services, and invest with them. Cryptos are becoming more accepted around the world. This makes them a good alternative to regular money.

Let’s look at the different ways you can use your digital money.

#1 Method: Crypto Debit Cards


  • Widely accepted at places that accept card payments.
  • Instant conversion of crypto to fiat at the point of sale.
  • Convenient for everyday purchases.


  • Potential transaction fees and exchange rate discrepancies.
  • Not all cards are supported globally.

What to Consider

  • Choose a card that supports your preferred cryptocurrencies and offers reasonable fees.
  • Consider the cardโ€™s geographical acceptance and any spending limits.

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How to Spend Bitcoin & Crypto via Crypto Debit Cards

Selecting a crypto debit card involves researching providers to find one that matches your spending habits. It also needs to support your desired cryptocurrencies and offer favourable fees. Once chosen, you load the card with crypto. When making purchases, your crypto will be converted to fiat currency at any merchant that accepts card payments.

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#2 Method: Direct Payments to Merchants


  • Supports the crypto ecosystem and merchants who accept digital currencies.
  • Potentially lower transaction fees compared to traditional payment methods.


  • Limited by the number of merchants that accept direct crypto payments.
  • Price volatility can affect the transaction value.

What to Consider

  • Verify the merchant’s wallet address carefully before sending payments.
  • Be aware of the network congestion and transaction fees at the time of payment.

How to Spend Bitcoin & Crypto via Direct Payments

While exploring how to spend your digital assets, you might come across merchants that specifically accept Bitcoin Cash, a variant of Bitcoin known for its faster transaction times and lower fees. Paying a merchant directly involves selecting the cryptocurrency option at checkout. Use the provided QR code or wallet address to send the payment from your crypto wallet. This method requires careful entry of the recipient’s address. Also, pay attention to transaction fees and processing time.

#3 Method: Buying Gift Cards


  • Access to a wide range of products and services from retailers that may not directly accept crypto.
  • Can be gifted to others or used for personal use.


  • The extra step of purchasing and redeeming gift cards.
  • Some gift cards may have expiration dates or fees.

What to Consider

  • Choose reputable platforms that offer gift cards for brands you frequently use.
  • Check for any additional fees or restrictions associated with the gift cards.

How to Spend Bitcoin & Crypto via Buying Gift Cards

Purchasing gift cards with crypto involves selecting a reliable platform that offers cards compatible with your shopping needs. After choosing your desired gift card, you pay with your cryptocurrency wallet. Afterward, the gift card code is emailed to you or made available for download, ready for use at the respective retailer.

#4 Method: Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Transactions


  • Direct transactions between individuals without needing a third party.
  • Can negotiate terms, including price, directly with the other party.


  • Requires trust between parties or a reliable escrow service to mitigate risk.
  • Potentially limited by network and geographical constraints.

What to Consider

  • The reputation and trustworthiness of the trading partner in P2P platforms.
  • Secure and clear communication channels to agree on transaction terms.

How to Spend Bitcoin & Crypto via P2P Transactions

Engaging in P2P transactions involves using platforms that connect buyers and sellers directly. After finding a trusted partner, you’ll agree on the transaction details. This includes the payment amount and the goods or services being exchanged. You’ll then pay directly to the other party’s wallet address using your crypto wallet.

#5 Method: Online Services and Subscriptions


  • Direct use of cryptocurrencies for digital purchases and subscriptions.
  • Often enables access to international services without currency conversion fees.


  • Still not universally accepted across all digital platforms.
  • May face volatility in subscription costs due to crypto price fluctuations.

What to Consider

  • The cryptocurrency acceptance of the service provider.
  • Potential changes in subscription costs if paid with volatile cryptocurrencies.

How to Spend Bitcoin & Crypto for Online Services and Subscriptions

Many online platforms now offer cryptocurrency as a payment option directly on their payment page. Select cryptocurrency as your payment method, and you will typically be presented with a QR code or wallet address to send your payment. Your subscription or service will be activated after transferring the crypto from your wallet.

Comparing Methods for Spending Bitcoin & Crypto

Choosing how to spend Bitcoin and other cryptos can be tricky. Each way has its own pros and cons. Knowing these differences helps you make the best choice for your digital money.


Ease of Use Merchant Acceptance Flexibility Fees

Best For

Crypto Debit Cards


Very High Medium Variable

Those seeking the convenience of traditional card payments with crypto funds.

Direct Payments to Merchants


Low High Usually Low

Crypto enthusiasts who prefer to support merchants directly accepting crypto.

Buying Gift Cards


High High Low to Medium

Users looking for a bridge to spend crypto at retailers not directly accepting it.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Transactions


N/A (Direct between users) Very High Low to None

Individuals looking for direct, personal transactions without intermediaries.

Online Services and Subscriptions


Medium High Low

Users paying for digital goods, services, or subscriptions directly with crypto.


Matching Your Spending Habits to the Best Method

Finding the right way to spend your Bitcoin and crypto depends on how you shop. Here’s a simple guide to match your habits with the best spending method:

  • For small, once-in-a-while buys: Paying directly at shops that take crypto is a good choice. This lets you buy straight from them, though not all shops accept it yet.
  • For regular or daily shopping: A Crypto Debit Card is very handy. It works like a normal bank card but uses your crypto. Watch out for any extra fees and the exchange rates your card uses.
  • For shopping at certain places or online: Buying Gift Cards with crypto can help you shop at your favorite places that don’t take crypto directly. Check for any extra costs and the gift card details, like expiry dates.
  • For dealing directly with others: Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Transactions are great for direct trades. They stick to the crypto spirit of no middlemen. Just make sure to use trusted platforms and consider an escrow service for safety.
  • For online subscriptions and services: Paying with crypto can make it easier to buy digital services. This is especially true when the services are from abroad. Remember, crypto prices change often, which could affect subscription costs.

Picking the right method helps you use your Bitcoin and crypto best, matching your daily needs or specific buys.

What Can I Buy with Bitcoin and Crypto?

You can buy many things with Bitcoin and other cryptos today. They are becoming a common way to pay across different areas. Let’s look at what you can buy:

#1 Electronics: You can now buy gadgets with crypto. This includes phones, laptops, games, and smart home stuff. Tech shops are leading in accepting crypto. It’s easy to buy new gadgets or gifts without using a bank.

#2 Travel: You can book trips with crypto. Many travel sites take Bitcoin for flights, hotels, and holidays. This makes booking easier for travelers. Plus, you might find special deals when you pay with crypto.

#3 Gift Cards: Gift cards let you shop at big brands with crypto. You can buy clothes, food, or movies. This is a great way to use crypto in regular shops.

#4 Luxury Items: You can also buy fancy things with crypto. This includes everything from expensive watches to jewelry and fine art.

#6 Food and Drink: More cafes and online food places take Bitcoin. This lets you pay for food with crypto, making eating out or ordering fun and easy.

#7 Online Services: You can now use crypto for web services and subscriptions. This includes things like website hosting, streaming, and online classes. Using crypto for these services is handy for daily needs.

#8 Charity: Many charities take Bitcoin and other cryptos. This is a fast and safe way to help others worldwide with your digital money.

#9 Personal Services: Now, services like legal advice and consulting accept crypto. This shows more professionals are open to digital currencies, offering private and quick help.

#10 Gaming: You can buy games and virtual items with crypto. Many gaming platforms welcome it. This makes playing and buying in-game stuff exciting with crypto.

As more places accept Bitcoin and cryptos, there are endless ways to use them. These examples show how versatile and widespread crypto is becoming in our daily lives. It’s an exciting time for digital currency users everywhere.

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Where Can I Use Bitcoin and Crypto?

You can use Bitcoin and other cryptos in many places today. Here’s where you can use your digital money:

Online Shops

Many online stores accept Bitcoin now. Big names like Overstock and Newegg are in on it. So are many Shopify and Etsy sellers. You can buy many things with crypto, from gadgets to handmade items.

Travel Sites

You can also use Bitcoin for travel. Sites like Expedia and CheapAir let you book flights and hotels with crypto. It’s getting easier to travel the world using digital money.

Food and Drinks

Eating out or ordering food with Bitcoin is possible, too. Places like Subway and services like PizzaForCoins are accepting Bitcoin. More cafes and restaurants are joining in.

Gift Cards

If you like gift cards, you can buy them with crypto. Services like Bitrefill make it easy. You can get cards for many stores and use them for shopping or fun.

Gaming and Entertainment

Now, gamers and entertainment fans can use Bitcoin on the Microsoft Xbox Store, PlayStation Network, and Twitch. You can buy games, movies, and subscriptions. This makes enjoying digital entertainment easy.

Charities and Donations

Bitcoin is also helping charities. Many are accepting Bitcoin donations now. Sites like BitGive let you give to causes you care about with your crypto.

Physical Stores

More physical stores, especially in cities, take Bitcoin. This includes coffee shops, bars, and some shops. It shows how useful crypto can be in daily life.

Real Estate

Buying property with Bitcoin is getting easier. It’s great for buying homes in other countries without traditional bank problems. It’s a new way to use your digital money in real estate.

Education and Online Learning

Some schools and online courses take Bitcoin now. This makes education more open. People worldwide can pay for learning with crypto.

Health and Wellness

The health sector is starting to accept crypto. You can pay for doctor visits and wellness retreats with Bitcoin. This offers privacy and ease for health payments.

Legal and Consulting Services

More lawyers and consultants now take crypto. This meets a need for services that accept crypto.

Personal and Home Services

Services for your home or personal coaching are starting to accept Bitcoin. This lets people use crypto for daily needs, making it part of everyday life.

Art and Collectibles

The art scene is getting into crypto. You can buy art and collectibles with Bitcoin. This is good for collectors and helps artists in new ways.

Subscription Services

Streaming and digital subscriptions are opening up to crypto. This gives users more ways to pay and reaches crypto users.

Sports and Event Tickets

Now, you can buy tickets for games and shows with Bitcoin. This makes buying tickets easier for those who like tech.

Custom Merchandise and Printing

Some shops let you customize products and pay with crypto. This is great for special items and shows more places are using Bitcoin.

Automotive Services

The car industry is starting to use crypto. You can buy cars or pay for services with Bitcoin. This makes using digital money for car needs easier.

Crypto Debit Cards

Crypto cards let you spend Bitcoin almost anywhere. You load the card with crypto and use it like any other card. This blends the ease of cards with the benefits of crypto.

As crypto grows, so do ways to use it. We’ll see more places accept Bitcoin, making it a big part of buying and selling worldwide.

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How to Pay with Bitcoin & Crypto

Paying with Bitcoin and other cryptos is a new way to handle money. It’s safe, often faster, and works without a central bank. If you’re ready to use your digital money, here’s how to do it step by step.

Step #1: Pick a Secure Bitcoin Wallet

First, you need a safe place to keep your cryptos. A crypto wallet holds your keys to send, receive, and manage your money. There are different wallets, like hardware for extra safety, software for easy use, and mobile for paying anywhere. Choose a wallet that matches how you want to use it and keeps your cryptos safe.

Step #2: Get Some Bitcoin or Other Cryptos

You need cryptos to spend them. Buy Bitcoin or others on a crypto exchange with regular money and earn it by selling or mining. Use a trusted exchange and move your crypto to your wallet for safety.

Step #3: Find Places That Take Crypto

More and more shops and services take cryptos now. Look for signs that say “Bitcoin accepted here” online or in stores. Some websites list where you can spend your cryptos.

Step #4: Pay with Crypto

To buy something with crypto, pick it as your payment way at checkout. The seller will show a QR code or a wallet address. Open your wallet, enter the address or scan the code, set the amount, and send it. Always double-check the address and amount first.

Step #5: Wait for the Transaction to Confirm

Crypto payments are recorded on a blockchain. It might take a bit for your payment to go through because of the network and fees. You can check if it’s done with a blockchain explorer and your transaction ID.

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What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Spending Crypto?

Using crypto for payments is gaining traction, offering a mix of upsides and downsides.


  • You’re in Charge: Using crypto means you control your money directly, not through banks. This cuts out middlemen from your transactions.
  • Easy Global Use: Crypto makes sending money worldwide easier and cheaper than traditional methods, dodging high fees and slow bank processes.
  • Safe and Private: Blockchain tech makes crypto transactions secure and hard to fake. Plus, you can keep your identity more private than standard online payments.


  • Price Swings: Crypto prices can change fast, affecting how much you can buy or sell anytime. This makes it tricky for both buyers and sellers.
  • Not Everywhere Yet: Not all places take crypto as payment, limiting where you can use it.
  • A Bit Complex: Understanding how to use crypto and its technology can be tough for newcomers. This might stop some people from using it for daily spending.

Understanding the pros and cons of spending crypto is key to using it wisely. While it offers a new way to handle money that’s private and under your control, its changing prices and not being widely accepted are hurdles.

Risks and Challenges of Spending Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

Using Bitcoin and other cryptos comes with risks and hurdles. While using digital currencies is exciting, there are important things to watch out for.

Volatility and Price Changes

A big challenge with crypto is that its price can change quickly. This can affect how much you can buy with your crypto. After you spend it, its value might go up or down a lot, making planning hard for buyers and sellers.

Security Risks

Even though the technology behind crypto is secure, the wider world of crypto still faces security risks. Users must be careful about hacking and scams. If your crypto is stolen, it’s often gone for good because these transactions can’t be undone like in traditional banking. Bitcoin Cash transactions are also recorded on the blockchain, offering the same level of security and transparency as transactions made on the Bitcoin network.

Not All Places Take It

Not every shop or service takes Bitcoin or crypto yet. Some businesses might not accept it because it’s complex, its value changes significantly, or they’re unsure about legal rules. You might have to change your crypto into regular money for some purchases, which could cost extra fees.

Rules and Taxes

The rules around crypto can be unclear and change depending on where you are. Spending crypto might also mean paying taxes, like capital gains tax. This complicates using crypto because you must understand these rules to avoid problems.

Using Bitcoin and other cryptos means being careful and knowing about these risks. Users should focus on keeping their crypto safe, understand the rules, and be ready for price changes.

Understanding Tax Obligations When Spending Bitcoin and Crypto

Dealing with taxes when using Bitcoin and other cryptos is crucial. The rules around crypto taxes keep changing, making it important to know your duties. Spending crypto is not just a regular buy but might need you to pay taxes, similar to selling crypto for cash.

Capital Gains and Losses

If your crypto’s value has increased since you got it, you might need to pay taxes on the profit when you spend it. If the value dropped, you could report a loss. This is why keeping detailed records of all your crypto transactions is crucial.

Tax Rates and How to Report

Tax rates and how you report crypto transactions can differ depending on where you live. Often, if you’ve held your crypto for a long time, you might pay less tax on any gains. Learning about your area’s tax rules and maybe talking to a tax expert is smart.

Exemptions and Limits

Some places might not tax small crypto transactions. These rules can make using crypto for small buys easier. But these exemptions differ everywhere, so you should know what applies to you.

Keeping Records

It’s very important to keep track of all your crypto activities. This includes every time you buy, sell, or use crypto. Many crypto wallets and exchanges can help you keep track, but you should also do your part.

Understanding your tax duties with crypto helps you use digital currencies correctly. Tax rules will likely improve as more people use crypto, helping everyone understand their tax needs better.

Looking for a Seamless Solution for Spending Your Bitcoin and Crypto?

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An Easier Way: swissmoney App
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In this guide, we explored how to use Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. We looked at everything from basic payments to taxes. The world of digital money is always changing. It offers chances but has risks, like price changes and security issues.

This guide helps you understand how to use cryptocurrencies better. Whether you’re new or experienced, staying safe and knowing the rules is important.

Remember, using digital money is about being careful and learning. The future of money is digital, and cryptocurrencies are a big part of that. Whether investing, buying, or trying new things, there’s a lot to discover in the crypto world.


Can I use Bitcoin like regular money?

Yes, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be spent much like regular money for various goods and services.

Are there fees associated with spending Bitcoin?

Yes, spending Bitcoin can incur network fees paid to miners for processing transactions. These fees vary based on the Bitcoin network’s congestion at the time of the transaction. Some merchants may also charge additional fees for processing crypto payments.

How do I pay with Bitcoin at a physical store?

To pay with Bitcoin at a physical store, you use a mobile wallet app to scan a QR code provided by the merchant at checkout. This code contains the information needed to complete the transaction, including the payment amount and the merchant’s wallet address.

Can I convert Bitcoin to cash?

Yes, Bitcoin can be converted to cash through cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitcoin ATMs, or peer-to-peer trading platforms. You can sell your Bitcoin on an exchange and withdraw the equivalent amount in your local currency to your bank account.

Is it safe to spend Bitcoin?

Spending Bitcoin is generally safe if you use secure wallets, enable two-factor authentication, and transact with reputable merchants. However, as with any financial transaction, there are risks, including security breaches and fraud, so it’s important to be vigilant.

Can I cancel a Bitcoin transaction after it’s been sent?

No, Bitcoin transactions are irreversible once broadcast to the network. This immutability is a core feature of blockchain technology. Therefore, it’s crucial to double-check transaction details before sending.

How do I spend Bitcoin on Amazon?

Amazon does not accept Bitcoin directly as a form of payment. However, you can use several services and methods to shop on Amazon using Bitcoin. Some options are, Bitrefill, Fold, Moon, etc.

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