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Revolut Crypto Review 2024: Is Revolut Good for Crypto?

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Finding an all-in-one crypto app is challenging as there are many substandard options. However, we’ve thoroughly tested Revolut, one of the top crypto apps.

Throughout this Revolut crypto review, we examine the company’s crypto services in-depth, breaking down fees, performance, and features. We also answer pressing questions, like do you own crypto bought on Revolut?

Let’s get started.

Revolut crypto quick summary

  • Revolut is an all-in-one platform for managing cryptocurrency and traditional finances.
  • Revolut may not be the ideal choice for cryptocurrency users to buy, sell or hold cryptocurrencies due to a number of limitations and considerations.
  • It offers multi-currency banking capabilities, a selection of debit cards, and a way for users to purchase cryptocurrency, forex, and commodities.
  • Revolut has high crypto trading fees, an overly basic exchange, and a limited range of supported on-chain deposits/withdrawals, making it less than ideal for crypto-focused people.
  • On the other hand, the financial services platform swissmoney seamlessly bridges the gap between fiat and cryptocurrency while enabling people to spend their crypto assets with no hard limits. As such, people seeking a more crypto-friendly Revolut alternative may prefer swissmoney.

Table of Contents

What is Revolut crypto?

Revolut is a well-known Financial Technology (FinTech) company offering 40+ million users investment, currency conversion, and banking services. The company has been ramping up its efforts in the crypto space to position itself as a crypto on and off-ramp.

Revolut Crypto Homepage

Revolut crypto lets users deposit, withdraw, buy, sell, and trade crypto assets from a convenient mobile app. Users can also access various investment vehicles, including crypto-based products and traditional asset classes, like commodities or forex.

 Quick Revolut crypto overview

Established 2015
Availability US, EEA, Switzerland 
Best for All-In-One Platform for Managing Traditional Finance and Crypto
Reputation Trustworthy, Been Hacked Once
Security 2FA, Cold Storage, Machine Learning
Main features Exchange Crypto, Manage Multiple Fiat Currencies, Debit Card
Crypto card Yes, Crypto Must be Exchanged to Fiat Before Spending
Crypto wallet Yes, Select Crypto Withdrawals/Deposits
IBAN Yes, 30+ Fiat IBAN Accounts
Supported cryptocurrencies 150+
Supported payment methods Crypto, Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card
Rates & fees High (1.49% on Crypto Purchases, 1% Spread, 1% Excess Usage Fee
User experience  Well-Designed, Intuitive 
App  Yes, Used for All Features
Website Used for Sign-Ups and Help Center
Customer support Chatbot, Live Chat, Help Center, 

Revolut crypto alternative

swissmoney is a financial services provider that aims to streamline the process of converting to and from cryptocurrency for spending. swissmoney users benefit from having dedicated IBAN accounts.

Users also benefit as swissmoney boasts no hard spending limits and a crypto trading desk to facilitate site convenient conversions.

  • No hard limits: One of swissmoney’s most significant advantages over other Revolut is that it boasts no hard spending limits. As such, users can conduct many high-value transactions without worrying about hitting an annual cap.
  • Interrupted transactions: As Revolut imposes limits on customers, some transactions can be interrupted if the user accidentally goes above a hidden threshold, triggering a review. However, swissmoney facilitates smooth, uninterrupted transactions, making it perfect for people who value reliability.
An Easier Way: swissmoney App
An Easier Way: swissmoney App
Fiat or crypto, Android or iOS we promise you the best Swiss quality experience.
Get it now

Quick Revolut crypto pros & cons

Revolut is a well-balanced platform for managing your money and acquiring crypto assets. While the financial platform excels in many areas, some need to catch up.

It’s essential to consider a platform’s advantages and disadvantages to understand whether it fits your requirements.

Revolut Pros Revolut Cons
Send and receive payments High fees
Many payment methods Premium subscriptions
Free ATM withdrawals Mobile-only
Access to many assets GEO-restricted features
Seamless conversions Lots of limits
Store multiple currencies

Revolut crypto benefits in detail

Revolut offers many benefits to people seeking more from their crypto and fiat currencies. The platform has valuable tools and features to help users manage their funds. We found the following benefits while testing the platform for our Revolut crypto review. 

1. Wide cryptocurrency selection

Revolut offers over 150 cryptocurrencies, including smaller projects like Aavegotchi and crypto titans like Ethereum, XRP, and Bitcoin.

Because Revolut provides a mixture of assets, the platform will suit people wanting to create a well-diversified portfolio to hedge against adverse market conditions.

2. Multi-currency support

One of the most notable benefits of Revolut is the app’s support for multiple currencies. Users can exchange currency to swap one fiat/crypto asset for another in seconds.

Moreover, after completing the exchange, users can withdraw or send any of the supported assets to an external wallet or local bank account, giving Revolut global reach.

 Revolut app Multi-Currency Support

3. Physical and virtual card

Revolut lets users apply for physical and virtual cards to get started quickly without waiting up to 10 days for their physical card to arrive.

Furthermore, as Revolut lets users create several single and multi-use cards, users can allocate certain cards for specific activities to make managing spending easier.

Revolut benefits conclusion

Revolut is a robust and versatile financial platform offering something for everyone. The app’s main benefits centre around flexibility and giving users control over their funds. As such, Revolut is a solid choice for anyone looking for an all-in-one platform for managing cryptocurrency and traditional finance.

Revolut crypto limitations and drawbacks

Revolut crypto offers several great features and facilitates the buying, selling, and trading of digital assets. However, anyone intending to use Revolut must know several limitations before registering.

1. Withdrawals

Cryptocurrency withdrawals on Revolut are in a strange place. UK-based users can withdraw any cryptocurrency Revolut supports to an external wallet.

However, users in some regions may not have access to the feature. Additionally, Revolut charges a service fee for withdrawals on top of the network fee, making withdrawal fees for crypto on Revolut costly.

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2. Paid subscriptions

Despite charging comparatively higher fees than most other crypto platforms we’ve looked at, Revolut has a paid subscription service that awards users with higher limits and lower costs.

Unfortunately, these paid subscriptions range in price from £3.99 to £45 monthly, which adds up to a substantial amount when combined with Revolut’s high fees.

3. High crypto fees

Although Revolut offers the ability to trade and purchase cryptocurrencies, many users will be priced out by the company’s fees. Users on the Standard plan who want to buy cryptocurrency have to pay around 2.49% of the transaction value.

Worse still, if the customer wants to transact over £1,000, the figure grows to 3.49%, nearly 35,000% higher than Binance’s 0.1% fee.

Revolut app fees

Revolut limitations conclusion

The drawbacks of Revolut are mostly centred around the platform charging excessive fees for simple activities like buying a cryptocurrency or withdrawing to an external wallet.

While Revolut is not solely focused on cryptocurrency, these factors are likely to have a significant adverse effect on the viability of Revolut for crypto enthusiasts.

Revolut crypto wallet

People wondering how to choose the right crypto wallet may consider Revolut due to its simplicity, wide selection of supported assets, and additional traditional finance features.

However, if you plan to store your cryptocurrency in a Revolut crypto wallet, you should know how it works and its features. 

How does the Revolut wallet work?

The Revolut wallet is built into the app, meaning anybody with a Revolut account can use it freely. As the Revolut wallet is custodial, users need access to their private keys, which may dissuade some from using the service.

Once you deposit funds into a particular asset’s wallet, you can hold, withdraw, trade, or sell the crypto for fiat currency. The Revolut crypto wallet is ingrained in the main app and connects directly to the platform’s exchange service.

Revolut wallet features

The Revolut wallet has relatively limited features. Users can store, transfer, or convert cryptocurrency, monitor their portfolios, and set up asset price alerts. Additionally, the Revolut wallet contains information about specific assets available on the platform.

  • Security: Cryptocurrency stored in a Revolut wallet is protected with the company’s bank-grade security and leading safety measures. Revolut stores all customer funds in cold storage, keeping them safe from network attacks. 
  • Supported cryptocurrencies: The Revolut wallet can store over 150 cryptocurrencies, ranging from small-cap assets to crypto giants. As such, it can store a diverse portfolio of cryptocurrencies. 
  • Fees: Whenever users want to send money to or from a Revolut wallet, they are responsible for covering the network costs. Furthermore, Revolut charges a variable service fee for withdrawals to an external wallet. 

Pros & Cons

Revolut wallet pros Revolut wallet cons
Supports many assets Withdrawal fees
Linked to the exchange
User crypto stored in hardware wallets

Revolut crypto exchange

While Revolut offers a crypto exchange, it’s extremely basic and doesn’t offer many advanced features or charting capabilities. As such, the Revolut exchange best suits people seeking a simple way to buy, sell, and swap crypto.

How does the Revolut crypto exchange work?

The Revolut crypto exchange differs from a typical exchange as it was built with beginners in mind.

The exchange links directly to your Revolut crypto wallet, so users only have to click on an asset they hold, press ‘Sell’ to decide which asset they want, and confirm the transaction.

Revolut crypto exchange features

Despite having only basic features, the Revolut exchange can be used for several purposes, including:

  • Swapping Crypto: The Revolut exchange lets users conveniently exchange one crypto-asset for another. The process takes just a few seconds and is far simpler than a traditional order-book-based exchange, making it ideal for crypto novices.
  • Selling Crypto for Fiat: One of the primary purposes of the Revolut exchange is to sell crypto for fiat quickly. Users can sell a crypto asset for any platform’s supported fiat currencies, making it excellent for cashing out crypto into several different currencies for international spending.
  • Multiple Order Types: Considering how limited the Revolut exchange is, it’s surprising that the platform offers several order types. Users can choose between a market order, a stop order, and a limit order, enabling people to make their purchases with precision.

Revolut crypto exchange fees

Unfortunately, the Revolut exchange charges exceptionally high fees. Users on a standard account must pay a 1.49% crypto purchase fee and a variable spread of roughly 1%. Furthermore, if users exceed their ‘fair usage limit,’ they’ll be charged an additional 1% on all exchange transitions.

Pros & cons

Revolut exchange pros Revolut exchange cons
Cash out to fiat High fees
Quickly swap cryptocurrencies Overly basic 
Range of order types

Revolut crypto card

The Revolut card is a Mastercard-powered debit card that allows users to spend online or in-store.

The card is funded by topping up a fiat account, meaning it doesn’t directly support using crypto for everyday spending, unlike some of the best crypto debit cards we’ve looked at.

Revolut Cards.

How does the Revolut crypto card work?

The Revolut crypto card is a simple yet powerful product that enables users to spend multiple currencies online or in-store.

Users fund the card by topping up one of their Revolut fiat wallets, and once loaded, it can be used for spending. On average, the physical Revolut card can take up to 10 days to arrive once ordered.

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Revolut crypto card features

A Revolut card comes with several valuable features designed to improve the convenience of the product. Some of its top features we found during research for our Revolut review include:

  • Virtual and physical cards: Revolut offers both virtual and physical cards to users, granting users greater control over their funds by enabling people to use certain cards for specific categories of payments.
  • Pro account: People who work as freelancers or own a business can take advantage of a free Revolut Pro account to earn cashback rewards of between 0.4% and 1.2% on their expenses, depending on their subscription plan.
  • Apple/Google Pay: Users wanting to use their Revolut card without carrying around the physical card can add their account to Google/Apple Pay to enjoy contactless spending.

Pros & cons

Revolut card pros Revolut card cons
Virtual and physical cards The physical card takes 10 days to arrive
Pro accounts for businesspeople
Can create multiple cards
Support for over 30 currencies

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Revolut IBAN

Revolut offers IBAN accounts for all of its supported currencies, enabling users to send money internationally to other Revolut users and local bank accounts. Anyone with a Revolut account has access to fiat IBAN accounts.

How do Revolut IBAN accounts work?

Every Revolut user has access to IBAN accounts. It’s possible to swap between your IBAN accounts and add new ones as needed, making the service very flexible. Users can also view all their account details, including IBAN, SWIFT code, and bank name.

Revolut IBAN account features

A Revolut IBAN account is perfect for travellers, people who conduct purchases in foreign currencies, and those with friends or relatives who live overseas. Its features are centered around international payments.

  • Multi-currency support: Revolut offers several IBAN accounts in 30+ fiat currencies, making the service perfect for people wanting to spend using local currency or those wishing to hold several different fiat currencies on a single app. 
  • International payments: Users can send any of Revolut’s supported fiat currencies to a local bank account using its native currency. As such, a Revolut IBAN account is ideal for people who frequently travel, conduct international purchases, or have friends or family in another country

Pros & cons

Revolut IBAN Pros Revolut IBAN Cons
Supports 30+ currencies Accounts could be easier to switch between
Easy to set up
Account details available to users
Extremely flexible

How Revolut features work

Revolut boasts a lot of features that can make using the app difficult. We’ve broken down how some of the most used Revolut features work to assist anyone having difficulties with everyday activities.

How to create a Revolut account

To create a Revolut account, you must download the app, enter a phone number, and provide your details (email address, password, name, date of birth). Afterwards, you must verify your identity to access all of Revolut’s features.

How to deposit to Revolut

You can deposit either cryptocurrency or fiat to Revolut. Users can click the ‘Add Money’ button, select a fiat currency, choose a payment method (bank transfer, credit/debit card), enter the top-up amount, and complete the deposit.

Select a supported asset for crypto deposits, get your wallet address, and send the funds to the provided address.

However, while assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum support on-chain deposits, customers can only receive some significant assets like Solana and Polkadot from other Revolut users.

How to buy crypto

To buy crypto on Revolu, you must have already deposited crypto or fiat into the platform. You can complete a purchase by selecting an asset, clicking ‘Buy,’ inputting your desired quantity, choosing a purchase currency, and confirming the transaction.

How to trade crypto

While trading on Revolut is possible, the platform only provides basic facilities. Users can select a cryptocurrency, push the ‘Sell’ button, choose how much to part with, select which asset they want to receive, and confirm the transaction.

How to sell crypto

The process of selling crypto is very similar to trading. Users must select a cryptocurrency they have a balance of; then they can press ‘Sell,’ enter an amount, select a currency to receive, and complete the transaction.

The funds will be sent to the relevant wallet or IBAN account.

How to withdraw money

Users can perform an irreversible on-chain cryptocurrency withdrawal by selecting an asset they have a balance for, pressing the ‘Send’ button, entering a wallet address, inputting the amount of crypto to send, and confirming the transaction.

For fiat, you head to the ‘Transfers’ tab, choose a contact to add a bank/card, decide how much to withdraw, and complete the withdrawal.

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Supported cryptocurrencies and payment methods on Revolut

Revolut must offer a wide range of cryptocurrencies and payment methods, as the platform aims to be a popular crypto on-ramp.

Without ample cryptocurrencies and payment methods, users could find themselves unable to deposit or find that Revolut doesn’t offer the assets they want.

  • Supported cryptocurrencies: Revolut crypto offers a wide range of assets, making the platform suitable for some forms of crypto trading. Users can buy and sell over 150 cryptocurrencies, including blue-chip assets like Bitcoin (BTC) and Solana (SOL) or lesser-known projects like JasmyCoin (JAMSY) and Green Satoshi Token (GST).
  • Payment methods: Revolut’s app offers various payment methods, a significant advantage over other crypto exchanges. Users can deposit funds to the Revolut app via bank transfer, credit/debit cards, Apple/Google Pay, direct deposit, cash at select authorized retailers, or by having another Revolut user send funds to them.
  • Deposit and withdrawal limits: While Revolut boasts that it has no limit on the amount you can hold in an account, there is an annual top-up limit, which the company doesn’t disclose. Users can withdraw up to £3000 from ATMs every 24 hours, and each card has a monthly spending limit of £5 million. Transfers have a daily limit of up to £30 million.

 Revolut crypto fees and rates

As a multi-purpose product, Revolut has many fees. However, only a few apply to crypto transactions on the app. Users need to be aware of exchange, spread, and network fees. The company’s card tier program directly affects many of Revolut’s charges.

Revolut Fees Fee Rate
Fiat to USDC/USDT exchange 0%
Exchange fee (Standard & Plus accounts) 1.49%
Exchange fee (Premium & Metal accounts) 0.99%
Exchange fee (Ultra accounts) 0.49%
Revolut withdrawal fee Variable
Standard plan fair usage fee (exchanges over £1,000) 1%
Plus Plan Fair Usage Fee (exchanges over £3,000) 0.5%
Premium, Metal & Ultra plans fair usage fee (no exchange limit) N/A
Spread fee Roughly 1%
ATM withdrawal fee (Outside Free Limits) 2% (£1 Minimum)

We can see that Revolut charges lofty percentage-based crypto fees of 1.49% for Standard users. However, every user also receives a “fair exchange” limit, which varies based on their plan.

For Standard users, Revolut applies a £1,000 monthly limit with a 1% charge added to the exchange above the limit, bringing the total fee to almost 2% if you transact over £1,000 on a Standard plan.

1. Crypto fees

Regarding cryptocurrency fees, Revolut is extremely expensive compared to traditional crypto exchanges like Binance or financial services providers like Nexo.

While most exchanges charge 0.1%, Revolut charges 1.49%. Revolut’s fair usage fee limits are easy to hit, meaning many users could find themselves paying as much as 2.49% in addition to a spread of around 1%.

2. Variable fees

With its fair exchange limit, Revolut’s crypto fee structure already leaves a lot to be desired. However, Revolut worsens the confusion generated by its fees, as charges vary based on your monthly subscription.

3. Revolut fees overall

Revolut wasn’t primarily designed as a cryptocurrency exchange. The platform charges exorbitant fees that could seriously impact any profits from buying a cryptocurrency.

For users not wishing to pay monthly for a premium subscription, Revolut charges around 2.49% (excluding the fair usage fee) for crypto transactions, which is exceptionally high.

Revolut crypto withdrawal

Withdrawals are an instrumental part of any platform catering to crypto enthusiasts and providing the ability to buy digital assets. If a platform doesn’t let you withdraw your crypto to an external wallet, it’s typically best avoided.

Standard account Plus account Premium account Metal account Ultra account
Free ATM withdrawals (Cash) £200 £200 £400 £800 £2000
Quantity of free ATM withdrawals 5 N/A N/A N/A N/A
ATM withdrawal fee (Outside Free Usage) 2% 2% 2% 2% 2%

Revolut lets users withdraw crypto to an external wallet as long as they’re in a supported region. Users wishing to withdraw crypto must cover the network fee and a variable Revolut service fee.

However, users can also convert their crypto to fiat currency and send it to another user, withdraw to a bank account, or withdraw cash from an ATM.

  • Plenty of Withdrawal Methods: In contrast to some platforms we’ve reviewed, Revolut has plenty of ways for users to withdraw their assets. As such, Revolut is great for people looking to withdraw a mixture of cash and cryptocurrency.
  • ATM Fees: While users can withdraw from ATMs using Revolut, the company imposes monthly limits based on your plan of between £200 and £2,000. Withdrawals outside a user’s allotted threshold cost 2% of the transaction’s value.
  • Withdrawal Availability: Unfortunately, crypto withdrawals to an external wallet are restricted based on a user’s location. As a result, some people could be unable to withdraw their assets to a hardware wallet for secure storage.

Revolut crypto security and licensing

Revolut is an all-in-one crypto and banking platform, meaning that the company has custody of customers’ funds and, therefore, requires industry-leading security. 

Revolut account security

Revolut manages over £15.2 billion for more than 40 million customers worldwide. The company utilizes machine learning to prevent suspicious transactions and has a system that thwarts over 95% of attempted scam transactions.

Revolut also mandates Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and uses remote access detection to prevent unauthorized account log-ins.

Is Revolut regulated?

Revolut is a regulated financial services provider that safeguards 100% of customer deposits. The company is licensed by the European Central Bank and is regulated by the Bank of Lithuania.

Since launching in 2015, Revolut has been hacked once for $20 million in 2022, indicating the platform could improve its security.

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Revolut crypto: User experience

To ensure convenience for existing users and ensure new customers can use Revolut easily, the platform needs to have a well-thought-out user experience.


The Revolut website is well-designed and offers a massive amount of information about the company, the Revolut app, and its various products.

While the website boasts a solid user experience, it only directs users to the Revolut app. You cannot use any of Revolut’s features from its website.

Mobile app

The mobile app manages all of Revolut’s features, including crypto, fiat, and card management. Thanks to its straightforward interface, the app is intuitive to navigate and designed to simplify accessing critical features.

The mobile app boasts an average rating of 4.6/5, showing that most users are happy with Revolut and find the app offers a pleasant user experience.

Customer support

Revolut offers several customer support methods. Users can browse for an article in the comprehensive help centre, speak with a chatbot, or connect to live chat supported in-app.

We tested response times for our Revolut crypto review and were impressed after receiving a reply within 60 seconds. 

 Revolut crypto: Areas of improvement

Revolut is a solid app bridging the gap between traditional finance and cryptocurrency. However, while testing it for our Revolut crypto review, we found it fell short in several areas.

Here are a few aspects of Revolut we think could be improved.

Lower fees

With Revolut charging exchange and excess usage fees, trading crypto on the platform is very costly. Furthermore, the difference between exchange rates for buy/sell orders adds another variable, making it challenging to predict fees ahead of time.

While Revolut is very user-friendly, it would be nice to see the company reduce its rates, switch to flat fees, and simplify its fee structure to make things easier to understand.


While Revolt has implemented crypto withdrawal functionality into its platform, the service is only available to users in select countries, like the UK.

Unfortunately, Revolut doesn’t clarify in which regions crypto withdrawals are available, leaving users to guess. With withdrawing purchases to an external wallet being a core function of any crypto platform, Revolut should expand the service.


Revolut is a mobile-only platform, meaning users cannot manage their funds or investments on a desktop. While almost everyone has a smartphone, some prefer to manage their finances on a computer. Seeing Revolut implement this functionality would be nice and help to make the platform more inclusive.

Revolut crypto: Is it worth it?

Revolut is an all-in-one financial platform offering a way for users to buy crypto and other asset classes while using the same app to manage their banking and fiat-based finances.

The platform is user-friendly, supports on-chain withdrawals, has a substantial selection of cryptocurrencies, and comes with a debit card boasting global acceptance.

Based on research for our Revolut crypto review, we found that Revolut may not be the ideal choice for cryptocurrency users to buy, sell or hold cryptocurrencies due to a number of limitations and considerations. However, if cryptocurrency is your focus, it’s more challenging to recommend Revolut as the platform charges extremely high cryptocurrency fees, only supports withdrawals on specific tokens, and doesn’t offer a fully-fledged crypto exchange.

Ultimately, whether Revolut is worth it will depend on your requirements. If you’re looking for an all-in-one platform for managing crypto and traditional finances on a single app, then Revolut is worth checking out.

However, an alternative like swissmoney may offer superior value if you value crypto-centric tools above all else.

Our review methodology

To ensure our Revolut crypto review was as far and informative as possible, we considered core aspects of the platform, like its cryptocurrency trading fees, how its debit card performs, which devices the platform is accessible on, whether it has been hacked, its security measures, and much more.

This allows us to provide a broad overview of Revolut’s performance and usability.

However, to ensure we provide enough detail for those with more niche requirements, we also consider more individualistic factors like whether it supports on-chain withdrawals, which regions are supported, where it is licensed, and whether it’s suitable for beginners.

By taking this multi-pronged approach, we can offer a fair and in-depth review.


Is crypto on Revolut safe?

Any Revolut stored by users on Revolut is protected by the platform’s bank-grade security, deposit protection, and use of cold storage for customer crypto.

However, protecting your account with 2FA and a unique password is crucial to prevent bad actors from accessing it.

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Is Revolut good for crypto?

If you don’t mind paying significantly higher than average fees and only being able to withdraw select assets, Revolut is suitable for cryptocurrency.

However, the platform is expensive and relatively basic, so users seeking advanced features may prefer a dedicated exchange like Binance or Bybit.

Can I buy crypto on Revolut?

You can buy crypto on Revolut using fiat currency or swapping another crypto asset you hold on the platform.

The process is simple: search for an asset, click ‘Buy,’ choose how much to purchase, select a payment method, and confirm the buy order. 

How do I sell crypto on Revolut?

Selling crypto on Revolut is simple. The user needs to find an asset they have a balance of in their Revolut wallet, then press the ‘Sell’ button, decide which currency to swap to, enter the amount of crypto to sell, and confirm the transaction. 

Can I send crypto to Revolut from another wallet?

Some of Revolut’s supported cryptocurrencies can be sent to the platform via an on-chain deposit. However, only a handful of popular assets, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, can be deposited. Revolut doesn’t support on-chain deposits for smaller assets like Polkdot.

Can I transfer crypto from Revolut to another wallet?

Revolut allows users to withdraw crypto from its platform and send it to an external wallet via on-chain transactions. Users can withdraw select assets like Bitcoin. However, the company only allows users to withdraw some smaller market-cap assets, limiting the service’s usefulness.

Can I spend my crypto on Revolut?

While you can deposit some cryptocurrencies to Revolut, the only way to spend them on the platform is by trading or selling. There are no other ways to spend crypto on Revolut.

How do you withdraw money from Revolut?

You have several options for withdrawing money from Revolut. You can send specific cryptocurrencies to an external account, withdraw cash from an ATM, or transfer fiat to a bank account.

Are there any fees associated with using Revolut Crypto?

There are several fees associated with using Revolut crypto, which significantly hampers its performance. Users must pay a 1.49% crypto fee, a spread of roughly 1%, and a 1% surcharge if they exceed Revolut’s fair usage limit.

How do I use the Revolut crypto platform?

Revolut has been designed to be easy enough for a beginner to use. After creating and verifying an account, you have to deposit funds.

Then, you can begin using all of Revolut’s features. For cryptocurrency, a tab in the navigation bar takes you to a central hub with all the platform’s crypto-centric features.

Is Revolut trustworthy?

Revolut is a regulated platform that has been operating since 2015. While it previously suffered a hack, the company made users whole and has since upped its security measures. Overall, Revolut is a trustworthy company used by millions globally.

Which is better, Coinbase or Revolut?

While Revolut crypto is a solid product that is rapidly improving, Coinbase is a dedicated cryptocurrency exchange that has been developing its services since 2012.

As such, Coinbase has had far longer than Revolut to determine what crypto enthusiasts are looking for on a platform, resulting in Coinbase offering a superior crypto-centric service.

Do you buy real crypto with Revolut?

Although Revolt previously only supported paper holding, the company now offers actual ownership of crypto assets.

When a user buys crypto on Revolut, the company purchases the assets from the market. As such, Revolut customers can withdraw crypto assets from the exchange to an external wallet, making the platform far more versatile than previously.

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