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8 Best Banks in the UK: A Guide to Top Financial Institutions

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Choosing the best bank in the UK can indeed be an overwhelming task. With various institutions offering various banking services, identifying the perfect fit for your financial needs is crucial but can become a labyrinth of choices.

Opening a new bank account is not only about choosing a financial institution but also about partnering with an organisation that understands your financial goals and can provide reliable support on your financial journey.

This comprehensive guide has curated a list of the best banks in UK, analysing their unique features, advantages and disadvantages, customer service, and more.

Whether you are an individual seeking personal banking solutions or a business seeking commercial banking partnerships, this guide will provide insights into the top UK banks that have continued to shape the sector with their remarkable services.

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An overview of banking in the UK

The banking sector in the UK is steeped in rich history and traditions, tracing its origins back to the 17th century when goldsmith-bankers first began to issue receipts for deposits and loans.

The banking landscape has significantly evolved since then, transforming from a system primarily based on credit and loans into a more complex, multifaceted industry with various services.

The sector combines established multinational banking conglomerates, traditional high-street banks, and innovative app-based financial institutions, each offering unique customer advantages.

These UK banks provide many services, catering to a broad demographic and satisfying various financial needs. To name a few, retail banking, business bank, commercial banking, and private bank have become staples of their service portfolios.

Moreover, in line with global banking trends, UK banks have expanded their services to encompass investment banking services. These services range from assisting individuals and corporations with raising financial capital to acting as clients’ agents in issuing securities.

Over the years, UK banks have built an international reputation for being resilient, reliable, and responsive to market changes. The robust regulatory environment the Bank of England and the Financial Conduct Authority provided has also contributed to their strength and stability.

Today, with the rise of digital banking, UK banks are seeking banking innovation, bridging the gap between traditional banking and technology. As they adapt to the shifting financial landscape, the future of UK banking seems poised for continued growth and transformation.

8 best banks in the UK

This section presents our selection of the 8 best banks in the UK. These banks have been chosen based on various factors, including customer satisfaction ratings, range of services, adaptability to digital trends, and overall reputation in the sector.

Lloyds Bank

Lloyds Bank, a component of the Lloyds Banking Group, is one of the UK’s most longstanding and extensive banks. Specialising in retail and personal banking services, Lloyds Bank excels in providing a broad range of savings and current accounts to meet diverse customer needs.

In keeping with the digital age, Lloyds Bank offers an online banking feature, adding to the convenience of its customers. Further enhancing the banking experience, Lloyds Bank’s mobile banking app is secured, highly user-friendly, and ensures smooth and effortless transactions.

However, potential account holders may want to consider the bank’s fees, which might concern some. With its commitment to customer service and comprehensive offerings, Lloyds Bank continues to be a significant player in the UK banking sector.

Key features:

✅A wide variety of bank accounts

✅Efficient online and mobile banking

✅Excellent customer service


✅An extensive network of physical branches and ATMs

✅Wide range of financial services


✅Some services have higher fees

✅Customer satisfaction varies


Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

A subsidiary of the NatWest Group, the Royal Bank of Scotland offers extensive retail and commercial banking services. Royal Bank has a strong presence in Scotland and is one of the top banks in the UK banking system.

It provides technologically advanced banking infrastructure, including app-based current accounts and a convenient mobile banking app. However, the bank has a relatively low customer satisfaction rating, which is something to consider.

Key features:

✅Current and savings accounts for personal customers

✅Technologically advanced banking infrastructure

Contactless Mastercard debit card


✅Comprehensive financial services

✅Technologically advanced banking options


✅Lower customer satisfaction rating

✅Monthly fees can be high for some services


HSBC Holdings

HSBC Holdings is one of the largest banks in the UK and offers a wide array of services, including retail, commercial, and global banking.

Its extensive private banking services and investment banking operations make it a top choice for those seeking comprehensive financial services.

Key features:

✅Personal and business bank

✅Global banking and investment banking services

✅Online and mobile banking


✅Wide variety of services

✅Strong international presence


✅Some complaints about customer service

✅Higher fees for certain services


Barclays Bank

Barclays, a pillar in the UK banking industry since 1690, provides various bank accounts, including current, savings, and specialised accounts. Besides offering retail and commercial banking services, it extends its wealth management and investment expertise.

Notable for its robust online and mobile banking platforms, Barclays has also earned a reputation for its customer-centric approach, holding high ratings in customer satisfaction.

Key features:

✅Personal and business banking services

✅Wealth management services

✅Mobile and online banking


✅Excellent customer service

✅Wide range of banking services


✅Occasional complaints about the mobile app

✅Some fees are higher than average


Santander UK

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Spanish Santander Group, Santander UK has firmly rooted itself in the UK banking landscape. Offering a wide range of personal and business banking services, it prides itself on providing comprehensive banking solutions, including savings and current accounts, mortgages, and insurance services.

The bank’s customer-focused approach has won praise for its helpful customer service, resulting in high customer satisfaction. A standout feature of Santander UK is its innovative banking app, enhancing convenience for its users.

Key features:

✅Current and savings accounts

✅Business banking services

✅Online and mobile banking


✅Helpful customer service

✅Competitive rates on some products


✅Limited physical branch network

✅Some complaints about online banking


Nationwide Building Society

The Nationwide Building Society is the largest building society in the UK, providing comprehensive financial solutions. Its competitive current and savings accounts are highly sought, with attractive interest rates and benefits.

Additionally, it delivers excellent personal banking services, emphasising a customer-centric approach. Known for its high customer satisfaction, Nationwide Building Society stands out for its commitment to meeting individual financial needs.

Its digital banking platform further simplifies banking processes, making it a top choice among customers seeking convenience and efficiency.

Key features:

✅Competitive savings and current accounts

✅Outstanding customer service

✅Online and mobile banking


✅High customer satisfaction

✅Good range of banking products


✅Limited business banking services

✅Fewer physical branches than traditional banks


NatWest Group

As part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, NatWest is renowned for its extensive banking services. It offers personal and business banking options catering to a diverse client base.

Its strength lies in its efficient mobile and online banking services, which bring banking convenience to your fingertips. With an emphasis on customer satisfaction, NatWest combines modern banking methods with traditional customer service values, making it a reliable choice in UK banking.

Key features:

✅Personal and business banking services

✅Efficient online and mobile banking

✅Wealth management services


✅Excellent digital banking services

✅Good customer service


✅Monthly fees on certain accounts

✅Limited branches in certain areas


Metro Bank

Its innovative approach to banking shows that it is committed to making banking more straightforward and convenient for its customers. As a relatively new entrant among the high street banks, Metro Bank has rapidly gained popularity for its extended branch opening hours, making it accessible for customers with varied schedules.

The bank’s great customer service underscores its commitment to customer satisfaction. Additionally, Metro Bank offers an impressive range of current and savings accounts designed to cater to diverse financial needs, making it a strong competitor.

Key features:

✅Personal and business banking services

✅Convenient branch opening hours

✅Efficient online and mobile banking


✅Great customer service

✅Convenient opening hours


✅Smaller network of branches

✅Some fees are higher than average


Alternatives to traditional banking

In recent years, financial services providers have emerged as strong competitors to traditional banks in the UK, offering an innovative approach to managing finances. These providers are not bound by the banking system’s norms and protocols; as a result, they can offer a more tailored, flexible service to their customers.

One such provider that’s been making waves is Rather than operating as a traditional bank, swissmoney is a digital-first financial service provider, bringing a fresh perspective to financial management. It provides a broad spectrum of services, including wealth management, investment options, and a user-friendly transaction platform.

swissmoney, like other alternative providers, offers a digital engagement experience to cater to the needs of today’s digitally-fluent customer base. It recognizes that today’s customers prefer an online or mobile banking experience over visiting bank branches.

To cater to this preference, it offers a seamless platform for managing your finances online, with secure and easy-to-use features that simplify the process of managing money.

The customer service offered by swissmoney is another reason why it stand out. They strive to deliver outstanding customer service, working closely with their customers to understand their needs and provide solutions that suit them.


While traditional banks continue to serve a large customer base in the UK, it’s clear that alternative financial service providers like swissmoney are disrupting the market. By offering a different approach to financial management, they are meeting the needs of the digitally savvy customer base.

The customer-focused services, seamless digital experience, and innovative approach to financial management make these providers an excellent choice for those looking for alternatives to traditional banking.

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