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In Search for the Best Monzo Alternative

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List of Monzo alternatives:

  • Monzo
  • Revolut
  • swissmoney
  • Starling Bank
  • Atom Bank
  • Wise

In an era where digital convenience reigns, Monzo has emerged as a leading online bank in the digital banking landscape. Known for its innovative approach and user-friendly platform, Monzo Bank has revolutionised how we manage our finances.

It blends traditional banking services with the flexibility and accessibility of modern technology, making it a preferred choice for many. Yet, as the digital banking sector evolves, many consumers seek a Monzo alternative that suits their specific financial needs better.

Diverse user requirements and the desire for tailored financial solutions fuel this demand for digital banking alternatives.

While Monzo offers a comprehensive array of services, including free basic accounts, savings options, and fee-free overdraft facilities, it’s not the one-size-fits-all solution for everyone.

This has paved the way for other digital financial services providers like swissmoney, Revolut, and Wise, each carving out their niche in this competitive space.

These alternatives to Monzo Bank bring their unique blend of services, from multi-currency accounts to distinct international money transfer capabilities, appealing to a broad spectrum of banking customers.

In exploring the Monzo alternative, we dive into the offerings of some digital banks, providing a panoramic view of the options.

Whether it’s for personal finance management, business accounts, or just a different approach to digital banking, this guide aims to shed light on the Monzo alternatives and how they stack up in the ever-evolving world of online banks.

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Why look for a Monzo alternative?

The digital banking landscape in the UK has been a hotbed of innovation and evolution, with Monzo leading the charge as a pioneer among digital challenger banks.

Yet, as the sector matures, the reasons to explore a Monzo alternative become increasingly compelling. This shift does not reflect Monzo’s capabilities but rather an indication of today’s banking customers’ diverse financial needs and preferences.

When seeking Monzo alternatives, consumers often consider the variety of current accounts available.

One of the primary drivers behind the search for alternatives to Monzo Bank is the varied feature sets offered by different digital banks.

While Monzo provides a robust platform with features like a free basic account, savings accounts, and a fee-free overdraft, other digital banking platforms may offer additional services better aligned with specific user needs.

For instance, some consumers might prioritise multi-currency accounts for easier handling of foreign transactions, while others may seek more competitive interest rates or innovative budgeting tools.

Moreover, personal user preferences play a significant role in this exploration. The digital banking experience is about functionality and the user interface, customer service, and the overall feel of the app.

Different digital banks offer distinct experiences, and what resonates with one individual might not suit another.

As such, the evolution of digital banking in the UK has not just been about more options but more personalised options, catering to each user’s unique banking needs and preferences.

Key players in the digital banking space

The UK’s digital banking landscape is rich with innovative platforms offering unique features and services.

Let’s delve into some notable Monzo alternatives: Revolut, swissmoney, Starling Bank, Atom Bank, and Wise.

A short overview

Feature/Service Monzo Revolut swissmoney Starling Bank Atom Bank Wise
Account Types Personal, Business Personal, Business,
Joint, Revolut <18
Personal, Business Personal, Joint, Euro, Starling Kite, Teen, and Business accounts Savings, Mortgage Personal, Business
Debit Card Features & International Usability Worldwide acceptance, fee-free abroad up to limits Global usage, multi-currency MasterCard debit card, access to over a million ATMs worldwide No fees on international spending, MasterCard N/A (focused on savings and mortgages) Multi-currency card, global usage
Fee Structure No monthly fees for basic, fees for higher tiers Free basic, fees for premium services Details on fees not widely publicized No monthly fees, no foreign transaction fees N/A (focused on savings and mortgages) Transparent fees, low-cost international transfers
Digital Banking Features App with budgeting tools, spending notifications App with cryptocurrency and stock trading, budgeting tools All-in-one platform for crypto and fiat needs, sophisticated asset management Savings goals, spending insights in-app Mobile app focused on savings management App focused on money transfers, currency management
Customer Support & Financial Security 24/7 support, FSCS protection 24/7 support, not a fully licensed bank but offers fund safeguarding Responsive customer support, not a fully licensed bank but offers fund safeguarding 24/7 support, fully licensed UK bank, FSCS protection FSCS protection, dedicated customer support FCA-regulated, safeguards customer funds
Special Features Budgeting tools, salary sorter, bill splitting Multi currency accounts, crypto trading Crypto trading, global withdrawal access Overdrafts, personal finance marketplace Competitive interest rates on savings Real-time exchange rates, multi-currency accounts



A titan in the realm of digital banking, Revolut started as a travel card but quickly evolved into a comprehensive digital banking solution.

It’s renowned for its robust international features, including a multi-currency bank account, a debit card, and competitive exchange rates.

Revolut’s digital banking app is a fusion of advanced financial tools, offering everything from cryptocurrency trading to stock investments.

This makes it appealing to those who value a diverse range of financial services in one app.


swissmoney business bank account

swissmoney stands out with its innovative and efficient approach to finance management.

It’s a Swiss digital-first financial solution offering an all-in-one platform that seamlessly integrates crypto, fiat currencies, and IBAN accounts on one account.

swissmoney’s Mastercard debit card global reach is enhanced by its instant payment capabilities across Europe via SEPA.

The platform’s bespoke payment debit card is customisable to individual needs, ensuring a personalised experience.

For those looking to manage crypto, swissmoney simplifies this with robust security measures, including offline cold storage solutions.

It also caters to sophisticated asset management needs, offering multi-currency accounts for seamless international transactions.

Starling Bank

Starling Bank business account

Starling Bank is a formidable player in the UK’s digital banking sector. As a fully licensed UK bank, it offers a range of bank accounts, including personal, business, and joint options.

Its personal finance marketplace sets Starling apart, giving users access to various financial services.

The bank also excels in international banking services, providing fee-free debit card spending abroad and a multi-currency bank account.

It is a strong contender for those who travel frequently or engage in foreign transactions.

Atom Bank

Atom Bank

Atom Bank focuses primarily on savings and mortgages, positioning itself as a specialist in these areas rather than a generalist.

It offers fixed savings accounts with competitive interest rates and a range of mortgage products.

While Atom Bank may not have the breadth of services as some other digital banks, its focus on specific financial products makes it a strong choice for those with specific savings or mortgage needs.

Wise (formerly TransferWise)

Wise (formerly TransferWise)

Wise has made a name in international money transfers, offering transparent fees and real mid-market exchange rates.

It extends beyond just money transfers, providing a multi-currency bank account and a debit card that makes spending in foreign currencies more cost-effective.

Wise’s strengths lie in its straightforward pricing and ease of use for those who need to send money overseas or travel frequently.


  • All information provided is dated 30 April 2024 and may have been updated since. Please check each platform’s official website for the latest information.

Each financial services platform brings something unique, whether Revolut’s investment options, Starling Bank’s comprehensive banking services, Atom Bank’s focus on savings, swissmoney’s multi-currency account with attention to crypto, or Wise’s international money transfer expertise.

Choosing the right platform depends on individual financial needs, preferences, and the kind of banking experience one seeks.

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Choosing the suitable alternative for your banking needs

Whether opening a new bank account for personal or business use, choosing the right digital bank involves considering factors like fees, account types, and additional services.

It’s a decision that requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure your choice aligns with your personal and business banking needs.

Assessing account types

The first step in choosing a digital bank is to consider the types of accounts offered.

Are you looking for a personal account for daily transactions, a business account for managing your enterprise, or a savings account to grow your funds?

Platforms like Starling Bank and Monzo offer a range of account types, including business and joint accounts.

In contrast, Atom Bank focuses more on savings and mortgage products. Your choice should be informed by the specific account types that best serve your financial activities.

Understanding fee structures

Fees can significantly impact your banking experience and your finances. It’s crucial to understand the fee structure of each digital bank.

Look beyond the monthly account fees and consider costs associated with ATM withdrawals, foreign transactions, and other services.

For instance, while Revolut and Wise offer attractive options for international transactions, their fee structures differ, which could influence your decision based on how often you engage in foreign transactions.

Evaluating additional services

Additional services offered by digital banks can be a deciding factor. These might include budgeting tools, investment options, multi-currency accounts, or cashback rewards.

For instance, Revolut’s investment options might appeal to those looking to dabble in stocks or cryptocurrencies.

At the same time, Starling Bank’s personal finance marketplace offers various third-party financial services, and swissmoney provides a unique platform for crypto and fiat.

Your banking choice should provide additional services that align with your financial management style and goals. It’s about finding a balance between costs, convenience, and features.

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An Easier Way: swissmoney App
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The future of digital banking

The trajectory of digital banking points towards a future replete with innovation and an intensified focus on customer-centric services.

In this rapidly evolving sector, banks like Monzo and its competitors are not just redefining the banking experience but are also reshaping customer expectations.

The trend is towards more personalised, intuitive, and accessible financial services, driven by technological advancements and changing consumer needs.

Innovation is at the heart of this transformation. Digital banks continuously experiment with AI, machine learning, and blockchain technologies to enhance security, streamline operations, and offer more tailored services.

We’re likely to see these platforms becoming even more integrated into our daily lives, with banking services seamlessly woven into other digital experiences.

Moreover, the focus on customer-centric services is set to deepen. Digital banks increasingly recognise the importance of understanding and responding to customer preferences.

This could mean more customisable app interfaces, responsive customer service, and financial products adapting to user behaviour and lifestyle changes.

The future for digital financial services providers like Monzo, Revolut, swissmoney, Wise, and others is poised to be exciting and dynamic.

With each leap in innovation and customer service, these platforms are not just challenging traditional financial management models. Still, they are also setting new standards for what we expect from our financial service providers.

The digital banking landscape in the UK is set to become more competitive, innovative, and user-focused, ultimately benefiting consumers with more choices and better services.

Conclusion: what is the best Monzo alternative?

Exploring the alternatives to Monzo in the UK’s digital banking landscape reveals a rich tapestry of options, each catering to the diverse needs of the modern consumer.

From Revolut’s multi-faceted financial platform to Starling Bank’s comprehensive financial services and swissmoney’s streamlined approach, the choices are as varied as they are innovative.

This diversity underscores the digital age’s hallmark: tailored banking solutions that adapt to individual preferences and requirements. As we navigate this ever-evolving sector, the abundance of choices ensures a digital banking solution ideally suited to every user.

Unlike traditional high-street banks, digital platforms like Revolut, swissmoney and Wise offer innovative financial solutions.

However, it’s important to note that they may not provide the same level of financial security as institutions covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, like Monzo or Starling Bank.


What are the main differences between Monzo and its alternatives regarding international transactions?

Monzo offers international transactions through a partnership with Wise, providing competitive exchange rates. In contrast, Revolut stands out for its in-app currency exchange feature and multi-currency accounts, making it ideal for frequent travellers.

Wise specialises in international money transfers with low fees and real-time exchange rates. swissmoney and Starling Bank, while providing global transaction capabilities, might have different fee structures and features, with Starling offering fee-free spending abroad.

How do digital financial services providers like swissmoney and Starling Bank ensure customer data security?

Swissmoney and Starling Bank, like other digital financial services providers, employ robust security measures to protect customer data. This includes using encryption, secure servers, and regular security audits.

Starling Bank, being a fully licensed UK bank, adheres to strict regulatory standards for data protection. Both financial services providers implement user authentication processes like KYC and continuously monitor suspicious activities to safeguard customer accounts.

Can I manage multiple currencies in accounts like Revolut and Wise?

Yes, both Revolut and Wise offer multi-currency account management. Through its app, Revolut lets users hold, exchange, and spend in various currencies.

Similarly, Wise provides multi-currency accounts where users can hold over 40 currencies and switch between them with ease, making it ideal for those dealing with international transactions or travel.

Are there any significant savings account interest rate differences among these digital banks?

Yes, these digital banks have differences in these interest rates. Atom Bank, for instance, focuses specifically on savings and mortgages, offering competitive interest rates on its savings products.

Starling Bank provides interest on current account balances and access to various savings accounts.

Monzo and Revolut also offer savings options, but the rates may vary. It’s essential to compare the latest rates and terms directly from the banks for the most accurate information.

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