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7 Best Crypto Exchanges in Switzerland (2024)

Renata Pacheco

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Renata Pacheco

March 15, 2024

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Ciaran Lawler

Finding the best crypto exchanges in Switzerland can be hard. High fees, complex platforms, and limited money options can make trading tough.

This article shows you the best crypto exchanges in Switzerland for 2024. They have low crypto exchange fees, good trading tools, and easy money use. As we explore the top crypto exchanges in Switzerland for 2024, we’ll highlight why some centralized exchanges have emerged as leading platforms in the global crypto space.

Quick look: Best crypto exchanges in Switzerland

Switzerland’s crypto landscape is dynamic and diverse. It offers various crypto exchanges, each tailored to different needs. Whether you’re seeking advanced trading features, competitive fees, or a wide selection of digital assets, this guide spotlights the premier platforms for Swiss traders and investors.

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  • Boasts a vast array of cryptocurrencies and its own Cronos token. Ideal for a diversified trading portfolio and passive income opportunities.
  • Bitstamp: This crypto exchange offers robust trading fees and tools. It is perfect for traders prioritizing cost-efficiency and functionality.
  • YouHodler: Features like yield farming and crypto-backed loans cater to users looking for innovative financial solutions. It is best for earning passive income.
  • Coinbase: A user-friendly crypto exchange platform with great educational resources. It's the go-to for beginners wanting a straightforward entry into crypto.
  • Binance: Renowned for its low trading fees and extensive cryptocurrency offerings. This is the ideal crypto exchange for active traders seeking diversity and affordability.
  • Bitcoin Suisse: Pioneering crypto financial services focusing on security and reliability. Best crypto exchange for traders seeking established, Swiss-based expertise.
  • Bity: Offers straightforward access to buying and selling popular cryptocurrencies with a strong emphasis on compliance and security. Best crypto exchange for those prioritizing safety in their transactions.


Looking for an all-in-one solution? Try swissmoney

swissmoney logo

swissmoney wallet is revolutionizing how we manage finances by integrating traditional features with the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. It combines the flexibility of cryptocurrency transactions with the reliability of traditional banking.

swissmoney wallet caters to individuals and businesses, offering a versatile platform for managing fiat currency and digital assets.

Key features:

  • Dedicated IBAN accounts for effortless global transactions in both crypto and fiat.
  • Virtual debit cards are compatible with major digital wallets for easy spending.
  • Competitive fees for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.
  • Enhanced security with KYC, 2FA, and biometric identification, ensuring the safety of your assets.

Best crypto exchange Switzerland: Comparison table

Company name

Best for

Main features

Diversified trading portfolio

  • vast array of cryptocurrencies
  • passive income opportunities
  • Cronos token

Cost-efficiency and functionality

  • competitive trading fees
  • robust trading tools

Earning passive income

  • Yield farming
  • crypto-backed loans
  • multi-chain exchange


  • user-friendly platform
  • educational resources

Diversity and affordability

  • low trading fees
  • extensive cryptocurrency offerings

7 Best crypto exchanges in Switzerland for 2024

Discovering the best crypto exchange in Switzerland can be daunting due to the many available crypto exchange options. Whether you’re embarking on your crypto journey or seeking advanced trading features, Switzerland’s financial landscape has you covered.

Here’s a deep dive into the best crypto exchanges operating in Switzerland in 2024, tailored to meet various user needs.

#1 logo is a global powerhouse in the cryptocurrency exchange space. It is known for its extensive services, including trading, staking, and crypto-backed cards.

Why choose is perfect for users looking for a comprehensive crypto exchange that supports a wide array of crypto services beyond trading. Its commitment to low fees and robust security measures places it among the top choices for crypto enthusiasts.

Key features:

  • A broad selection of cryptocurrencies and trading pairs.
  • Crypto Visa cards offer cashback in crypto on purchases.
  • Competitive fees with discounts are available for CRO token holders.
  • Strong security protocols, including cold storage and insurance on digital assets. pricing

The maximum trading fee in this crypto exchange is 0.4%, which is competitive in this industry.


  • Extensive range of cryptocurrencies and services.
  • Attractive rewards program with their Visa card.
  • Strong emphasis on security and user protection.


  • Some users find the platform’s interface to be complex.
  • Customer support can be slow to respond during peak times.

#2 Bitstamp


Bitstamp stands out for its user-friendly interface and long-standing reputation in the crypto space. It is an excellent entry point for beginners and a reliable crypto exchange platform for experienced traders.

Why choose Bitstamp?

Bitstamp’s appeal lies in its simplicity, reliability, and commitment to providing a secure trading environment. It’s ideal for those prioritizing ease of use and security in their trading experience.

Key features:

  • Straightforward and intuitive user interface suitable for all levels of traders.
  • A focused selection of high-quality cryptocurrencies and trading pairs.
  • Robust security measures, including cold storage and two-factor authentication.
  • Competitive fee structure that rewards high-volume trading.

Bitstamp pricing

There are no transaction fees for trading volumes below $1,000 within 30 days. For trading volumes above this threshold, the fees start at 0.4% and gradually reduce as the trading volume increases. A fee of 15% is levied on staking activities. Additionally, every withdrawal is subject to a fixed fee of €3.


  • User-friendly crypto exchange platform, great for beginners.
  • Strong regulatory compliance and security features.
  • Responsive and helpful customer support.


  • Limited selection of cryptocurrencies compared to larger exchanges.
  • Some advanced traders may find trading tools insufficient.

#3 YouHodler

youhodler logo

YouHodler stands out in the Swiss crypto exchange industry with its versatile financial services. With options for crypto-backed loans, savings accounts offering attractive APYs, and innovative multi-HODL trading, YouHodler provides a comprehensive suite for novice and seasoned investors looking to maximize their cryptocurrency investments.

Why choose YouHodler?

YouHodler is a financial hub for crypto enthusiasts looking to diversify their earning strategies. From high-yield savings accounts to leveraging crypto assets for loans, the platform ensures users can access various financial instruments.

Key features:

  • Earn competitive interest rates on cryptocurrency holdings.
  • Access fiat or stablecoins using your crypto as collateral without selling your assets.
  • A unique tool that allows users to multiply their crypto assets through market price movements.
  • Including major coins and several altcoins for trading, saving, or as loan collateral.

YouHodler pricing

For crypto deposits, there is no fee. For withdrawals, the fee for bank wire in USD (SWIFT) is 1.5%; for EUR, it’s 5 EUR; and for GBP, CHF, it’s 0.15%.


  • Offers a wide range of financial services beyond simple trading.
  • Attractive interest rates on crypto savings accounts.
  • Innovative tools like Multi HODL for leveraging market trends.


  • Might be overwhelming for users only interested in basic trading.
  • Limited information on trading fees for more advanced financial instruments.

#4 Coinbase

Coinbase logo

Coinbase is renowned among global crypto exchanges for its easy-to-use platform and strong regulatory stance. It offers a secure, straightforward way to buy, sell, and manage cryptocurrency.

Why choose Coinbase?

Opt for Coinbase if you’re looking for a trusted cryptocurrency exchange focusing on ease of use and regulatory compliance. It’s particularly suitable for new crypto users who value simplicity and security.

Key features:

  • User-friendly interface ideal for beginners.
  • A wide range of cryptocurrencies and fiat gateways.
  • Strong emphasis on security and regulatory compliance.
  • Educational resources to help new users get started.

Coinbase pricing

Coinbase’s commission for buying and selling crypto is 1.49%, higher than the competitors.


  • Highly intuitive cryptocurrency exchange platform, making it easy for newcomers to start trading.
  • Regulated in the United States, offering an added layer of security.
  • Extensive educational content is available for learning about crypto.


  • Relatively high fees compared to other platforms.
  • Customer service response times can be slow.

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#5 Binance

Binance logo

Binance dominates the global market as one of the most expansive cryptocurrency exchanges. It is known for its deep liquidity and a wide array of trading options.

Why choose Binance?

Binance appeals to traders seeking a robust cryptocurrency exchange platform with advanced trading features, high liquidity, and a vast selection of cryptocurrencies. Its competitive fee structure and global presence make it a preferred choice for many.

Key features:

  • An impressive range of cryptocurrencies and trading pairs.
  • Low trading fees with further reductions for BNB token holders.
  • Advanced trading options, including futures and options trading.
  • Comprehensive security measures and user protection policies.

Binance pricing

There are no charges for Bitcoin transactions. For other cryptos, there is a 0.1% fee.


  • Exceptionally low fees for trading and withdrawals.
  • A wide selection of trading tools and features for advanced traders.
  • High liquidity ensures easy execution of trades, even for large orders.


  • The platform can be overwhelming for beginners.
  • Has faced regulatory scrutiny in several jurisdictions.

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#6 Bitcoin Suisse

Bitcoin Suisse logo

Bitcoin Suisse specializes in bridging traditional finance and the cryptocurrency world. It offers services that cater to both individual and institutional investors.

Why choose Bitcoin Suisse?

Choose Bitcoin Suisse for its focus on integrating crypto services with traditional financial offerings. It is ideal for investors looking for a comprehensive financial platform.

Key features:

  • Services tailored towards both crypto and traditional financial markets.
  • Access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies and investment services.
  • Strong emphasis on security and regulatory compliance.
  • Personalized customer service catering to individual investment needs.

Bitcoin Suisse pricing

The basic trading fee for transactions involving one or more cryptos is 0.95%. The trading fee covers third-party costs, such as exchange and blockchain fees.


  • Offers a bridge between crypto and traditional finance.
  • Tailored investment services for individual needs.
  • Strong regulatory compliance and security measures.


  • Services might suit high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors.
  • Limited information on fees without direct inquiry.

#7 Bity

Bity logo

Bity provides a straightforward and compliant way to exchange cryptocurrencies. It focuses on ease of use and privacy without requiring extensive personal information for transactions.

Why choose Bity?

Bity is best for users who prioritize privacy and ease of use in their crypto transactions. It offers a straightforward platform for quick exchanges without extensive KYC procedures.

Key features:

  • Privacy-focused with minimal personal information required.
  • Simple and intuitive interface for quick crypto exchanges.
  • Supports several popular cryptocurrencies for exchange.
  • Compliant with Swiss regulatory standards.

Bity pricing

For non-verified accounts (not applicable to verified accounts or sells orders), the fee for crypto trading is 0.4%. The standard trading fee is 0.8%.


  • Focus on user privacy and ease of transactions.
  • No need for extensive KYC for most transactions.
  • User-friendly platform for quick crypto exchanges.


  • Limited range of cryptocurrencies compared to larger exchanges.
  • Not suitable for users looking for advanced trading features or investment services.

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All information provided is dated 15 March 2024 and may have been updated since. Please check each platform’s official website for the latest information.


How to choose the best crypto exchange in Switzerland

Picking the best crypto exchange is important. You must choose the right crypto exchange for your needs. It affects how you trade, your safety, and your money. Switzerland is known for its smart money rules and clear laws. Here are things to think about when choosing where to trade digital money.

Safety and following rules

Safety is key with digital money. The best crypto exchanges use two-step checks, safe storage for coins, and ways to keep your information safe. It should also follow Swiss laws, which makes you feel safer using it.

Types of cryptos and trading options

It’s important that the exchange offers a variety of cryptos and trading methods. The best crypto exchange offers many coins, including new and lesser-known ones so that you can try different investments in one place.

Fees and being clear about them

Knowing what the cryptocurrency exchanges charge for crypto trading is essential. Good cryptocurrency exchanges have fair fees and don’t hide extra costs. They tell you exactly what you’ll pay for trades, withdraw money, and other services.

Easy to use and help when you need it

The best crypto exchange should be easy for everyone to use. It should also have helpful support and be ready to resolve problems quickly.

Extra features and services

Look for exchanges with bonuses like earning interest on your coins, lending, or staking. Features like using regular money, different ways to add money and tools for advanced trading can make trading easier.

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Are crypto exchanges legal in Switzerland?

Switzerland supports crypto exchanges legally. It’s a place that likes new finance and tech. It sees the good in digital money and the tech behind it. Switzerland has many blockchain companies and is called “Crypto Valley” because of this.

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) checks on crypto exchanges in Switzerland. They ensure these places follow strict rules to protect investors and stop activities like money laundering and scams. This makes trading in Switzerland safe and builds trust in its crypto market.

How are cryptocurrency exchanges regulated and secure in Switzerland?

Switzerland closely monitors its cryptocurrency exchanges. The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) leads this effort, setting rules that suit the crypto world. These rules help protect investors and grow the market safely.

FINMA looks closely at how exchanges work, their money matters, and how they keep things safe. They check if exchanges follow rules to stop money laundering and to know their customers well. These steps help stop financial crimes and keep trading clean.

Switzerland also ensures that exchanges use top-notch security to protect users’ crypto. They must store a lot of their crypto offline, use multi-factor authentication for accounts, and have outside experts check their security often, making Swiss exchanges among the safest.

Besides, Switzerland likes it when exchanges follow extra self-set rules. The Swiss Association for Standardization (VQF), approved by FINMA, advises on the best ways to run a crypto business.

In short, Switzerland’s tight rules, good security, and extra self-checks make its cryptocurrency exchanges safe and good for the digital economy’s growth. This shows Switzerland wants to lead globally in crypto and blockchain technology.

Understanding crypto transaction costs in Switzerland

The fees for crypto transactions depend greatly on the exchange’s fee setup. These fees can vary greatly from one exchange to another. They shape how appealing an exchange is and how much you pay for trading or moving your crypto around. You usually see fees for trading, taking your crypto out, and sometimes putting money in.

Trading fees are a small part of each trade and can change based on your role. Swiss exchanges often charge less if you trade a lot, saving active traders much money.

Fees for withdrawing crypto depend on the crypto and the network’s busyness. Some Swiss places might lower these fees for certain coins or if you have the exchange’s own coin, influencing what you decide to trade or keep.

While most Swiss exchanges don’t charge you to deposit money, those that do affect how cost-effective they are for users. It’s important for anyone trading or investing in crypto to get how these fees work because they directly change the total cost of dealing with crypto in Switzerland.

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Crypto taxes in Switzerland

In Switzerland, how they tax crypto is set up to support the growing crypto scene. Here, crypto is seen as foreign money when it comes to taxes. This means if you buy crypto just to keep it as an investment, you won’t pay taxes on any increase in its value. But, if trading crypto is how you make your living, you must pay income tax on what you earn.

There’s also a wealth tax that includes crypto. You must tell the tax office about your crypto when you list all your assets yearly. How much tax you pay depends on where you live in Switzerland and how much everything you own is worth, including your crypto, at the end of the year’s exchange rate.

Money made from mining or staking crypto is seen as income from self-employment, so it’s taxed, and you also need to pay for social security. Businesses that take crypto for products or services must pay tax on what they earn from these deals.

Switzerland’s way of taxing crypto focuses on being open and fair, helping the crypto world grow while ensuring taxes are paid correctly. This clear set of rules and a tax system that’s good for crypto make Switzerland a welcoming place for crypto investors and blockchain companies.

Looking for a financial solution for managing fiat and crypto?

Traditional banking and the crypto economy are merging in the modern digital era. For those into crypto, looking to convert digital coins for daily use smoothly, or investors seeking a versatile way to handle regular money and crypto, swissmoney provides an innovative solution. swissmoney is a complete financial ecosystem for today’s needs.

Key features of swissmoney:

  • Integrates dedicated IBAN accounts, virtual debit cards, and a flexible crypto exchange.
  • Enables global fund transfers, significant purchases, and digital asset trading easily.
  • Bridges fiat and crypto worlds, offering an easy-to-use platform, competitive fees, and strong security.


  • Manage finances your way, blending crypto with traditional bank services.
  • Make international transfers, use your virtual debit card for purchases, and tap into crypto’s potential.
  • Delivers a seamless, secure, and versatile financial experience.

Join swissmoney now for a smarter way to manage money in the digital era.

Methodology: How we chose the best crypto exchange platforms in Switzerland

To identify Switzerland’s best crypto platforms, we conducted thorough research, analyzing independent sources and user reviews. Our assessment focused on comprehensively evaluating each platform’s features, advantages, disadvantages, security measures, pricing structures, and regulatory compliance. We sourced our data from the official websites of the crypto exchanges and from selected review platforms that provide reliable feedback and insights.


Choosing the right crypto exchange hinges on the diversity of supported crypto assets, which is crucial for diversifying investments in the volatile crypto market. With most crypto exchanges broadening their digital currency portfolios, traders gain the flexibility needed for effective crypto trades. Moreover, several exchanges have improved user interfaces, incorporating advanced tools and analytics to aid in smarter trading decisions.

As the crypto finance world grows, Switzerland’s best crypto exchanges stand ready to provide secure, efficient, and adaptable platforms. Whether prioritizing a centralized exchange security or seeking out low transaction fees, Switzerland offers varied options for all trading preferences.


How do I buy crypto with cash in Switzerland?

One of the most common methods of buying crypto with cash in Switzerland is using a Bitcoin ATM. Locate a nearby ATM using online directories, then follow the on-screen instructions to deposit cash and receive your chosen cryptocurrency directly in your wallet. Another option is finding a local peer-to-peer exchange platform that allows cash transactions.

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Which crypto exchange is best in Switzerland?

The best crypto exchange in Switzerland balances strong security measures, a user-friendly interface, competitive fees, and a wide range of available cryptocurrencies. swissmoney stands out as a comprehensive platform offering seamless management of both fiat and cryptocurrencies, catering to beginners and experienced traders.

Which crypto exchange is best for beginners in Switzerland?

Coinbase is highly recommended for beginners due to its intuitive platform, educational resources, and customer support. It provides an easy entry into the crypto world with straightforward buying, trading, and selling processes in Switzerland.

What is the safest cryptocurrency exchange in Switzerland?

Safety in cryptocurrency exchanges is paramount. The safest exchanges in Switzerland are those that employ rigorous security protocols, such as two-factor authentication (2FA), cold storage of digital assets, and compliance with regulatory standards. Bity is recognized for its strong security measures, ensuring a secure environment for trading and storing crypto.

Which crypto exchange has the lowest fees in Switzerland?

Good trading fees are crucial for maximizing returns. Bitstamp offers very competitive trading fees for cryptocurrency transactions, making it an attractive option for users looking to minimize costs while engaging in frequent trading activities.

Which crypto exchanges in Switzerland offer the most trading pairs?

Exchanges offering a wide range of trading pairs provide users with greater flexibility and opportunities. Binance offers an extensive selection of trading pairs, catering to diverse trading strategies and preferences.

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What is the difference between centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges?

Centralized exchanges offer a more traditional trading environment with enhanced security measures, while decentralized exchanges provide a peer-to-peer trading experience. Decentralized and centralized exchanges have unique advantages, but leading crypto exchanges often operate on a centralized model due to their reliability and user-friendly interfaces.

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How do transaction fees affect my trading on crypto exchanges?

Transaction fees vary across different platforms, and understanding these fees is crucial when trading cryptocurrencies. Exchanges with lower transaction fees can significantly reduce the cost of frequent trading, making it an important consideration for active traders.

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