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Binance Crypto Card Review: Is It Still Available & Is There an Alternative?

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Many crypto debit cards are being discontinued by issuers, making cashing out challenging. We discuss one of the most popular crypto cards and share an alternative that still operates today.

Throughout this Binance crypto card review, we examine the product and its features, discuss whether it’s still available, and provide an alternative. Let’s get started.

Binance Crypto Card Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

  • The Binance crypto debit card allowed users to spend their cryptocurrency in-store. It worked by converting the crypto to fiat for each transaction.
  • The Binance card could be topped up using 14 cryptocurrencies and fiat stored in a Binance funding wallet.
  • While the Binance crypto card was said to have low fees, the company charged variable conversion fees of up to 0.9% on all spending.
  • The Binance debit card ceased operations in December 2023 due to regulatory issues. As such, users were left needing an alternative.

What Was A Binance Card?

The Binance Visa card was a crypto debit card. It allowed people to spend their digital assets in real-life establishments like shops and restaurants. The Visa-powered card could be used with tens of millions of merchants across the globe. As such, it was an excellent choice for travelers or people who hold a substantial amount of their wealth in cryptocurrency.

Binance Card

How Did The Binance Card Work?

Binance designed its Visa debit card as a convenient crypto-off-ramp for the platform’s customers. Users could transfer assets from their spot, earn, or margin wallets to their funding wallet, and as spending occurs, Binance converts the crypto to cover costs.

The Binance card supported 14 major cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, and BNB. The product’s primary aim was to streamline the process of cashing out crypto for spending. It also had a few additional benefits, including cashback rewards for spending, paid in Binance’s native BNB token.

While the Binance crypto debit card was touted as a low-fee option, it had several fees that drastically hindered its usability. Most notably, a variable spread fee of up to 0.9% when Binance converted crypto assets to fiat currency for spending. Additionally, the company levied a 0.9% fee for ATM withdrawals in Europe and a 2% charge for withdrawals outside the region.

Unfortunately, the Binance card ceased operations in December 2023, citing regulatory reasons. While the card’s end of service left users searching for another option, it paved the way for new alternatives to take center stage.

  • Spend Crypto: The Binance debit card previously allowed users to spend their crypto at any establishment that accepted Visa payments.
  • BNB Cashback: Users could offset their spending by earning cashback rewards distributed in BNB tokens.
  • End of Service: At the end of 2023, the Binance card ceased operations due to regulatory reasons.

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swissmoney – A Binance Card Alternative

swissmoney is a financial services platform launched in 2021. It empowers crypto holders to easily convert their assets into fiat currency to spend in shops or pay bills.

Users can top up their swissmoney card using crypto or fiat currency, making it easy to fund. The platform supports four fiat currencies, GBP, USD, EUR, and CHF, of which holdings are stored in dedicated IBAN accounts. As such, swissmoney users can send SEPA transactions, letting them pay bills or send cross-border payments to friends/family.

swissmoney 1

In contrast to Binnace’s debit card, swissmoney’s option is issued by Mastercard, resulting in wider global acceptance. Additionally, swissmoney offers high spending limits and free ATM withdrawals, making the card great for people wishing to use a a crypto card for most of their spending.

While many crypto debit cards are available, swissmoney is part of the minority, giving users total control over their funds. With its low fees, high limits, and broader acceptance, it’s clear that swissmoney is an excellent alternative to the now-defunct Binance card.

swissmoney Benefits

The Binance debit crypto debit card was an incredibly popular product. It was praised for providing users with a more straightforward way to spend their crypto in person. However, swissmoney offers many benefits compared to the redundant Binance crypto card.

Control Over Funds

The swissmoney debit card provides users with dedicated IBAN accounts for their fiat currency. Users also have the ability to send SEPA  transactions. swissmoney yields far greater control than Binance as cardholders have more options for managing and transferring their funds. Therefore, it is ideal for users who prefer to manage their assets closely.

Spending Limits

One of the most significant benefits of swissmoney versus Binance and other crypto debit cards is its vastly raised spending limits. While crypto cards typically offer a monthly spending limit of around €25,000, swissmoney has no hard spending limits on card payments, making it perfect for conducting large transactions like buying a new vehicle.

Low Fees

While the swissmoney debit card is an objectively solid product compared to other crypto cards on the market, it also excels regarding fees. swissmoney users can enjoy zero withdrawal fees and competitive, transparent top-up fees.

Global Acceptance

Because Mastercard issued the swissmoney card, it can be used by 100+ million merchants globally. Additionally, as swissmoney users can send SEPA transactions, they can set up direct debits and pay friends/family without swissmoney accounts.

An Easier Way: swissmoney App
An Easier Way: swissmoney App
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Binance Crypto Card Review Conclusion

The Binance crypto card was an excellent product. It made it simple for crypto holders to spend their digital assets in everyday establishments like shops. The card could be topped up via crypto or fiat, offered cashback rewards, and supported ATM withdrawals. However, many users began seeking an alternative with the card ceasing operations in December 2023.

swissmoney is a financial services platform catering to crypto holders and people looking to take control of their funds. Physical and virtual cards are available with high spending limits, making swissmoney ideal for a broad range of uses. Moreover, the card supports SEPA and SWIFT transactions, which lets users quickly transfer funds after topping up.

Many Binance debit card alternatives have cropped up since the product left the market. However, swissmoney offers the best blend of convenience and control. As such, it is the perfect companion for travelers or people holding substantial wealth in crypto assets.

Binance Crypto Card Review FAQs

When was the Binance crypto card discontinued?

The Binance crypto card halted service throughout Argentina, Brazil, Bahrain, Columbia, and Europe. The move was due to regulatory issues, and Mastercard ended its partnership with Binance amidst legal troubles.

Are other crypto cards available?

While the Binance card had to halt its services, other crypto debit cards still operate today. swissmoney,, Wirex, Nexo, and other companies still offer crypto debit/credit cards. Each boasts various benefits, like cashback rewards and subscription service rebates.

What is the best Binance Visa card alternative?

Ultimately, the best Binance Visa card alternative will vary based on your needs and requirements. However, swissmoney is quickly gaining traction thanks to its provision of control over funds. The company offers dedicated IBAN accounts and support for SWIFT/SEPA transfers.

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