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Nexo Card Review: Pros & Cons, Benefits, Tiers, Fees, & Alternative

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Spending your crypto in real-world establishments is tricky. Even today, most shops do not accept crypto payments. However, a crypto debit card alleviates this problem.

Throughout our Nexo card review, we’ll answer the question: Is the Nexo card worth it? We also discuss the product’s fees, benefits, performance, and global acceptance to help our readers decide whether it’s the best crypto card for their needs.

Nexo Crypto Card Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

  • The Nexo card has a Credit Mode, which lets people use their crypto as collateral for a credit line, and a Debit Mode, allowing people to spend their FIATx balances.
  • Mastercard issues the Nexo card, which can be used globally at more than 100 million merchants, making it perfect for frequent travelers.
  • Anyone with a portfolio balance of over $50 can apply for a virtual Nexo card, but to get a physical card, you must hold at least 10% of your tokens in NEXO and have a portfolio worth at least $500.
  • While the Nexo lets users earn interest and cashback rewards, these features are geo-restricted, so people residing in countries like the UK cannot use them.
  • The Nexo card is transparent and competitive regarding fees, making it a strong choice for anyone seeking a cost-effective crypto card.

Nexo Card Quick Summary

  • Credit and debit modes are available
  • Use crypto for spending without selling
  • Some features are geo-restricted
  • Interest/cashback earning opportunities
  • Supports 100+ million merchants
  • Loyalty program based on NEXO holdings
Features Credit and Debit Modes, Earn Cashback, Earn Interest
Rewards Up to 2% Paid in NEXO Tokens
Availability Available in the European Economic Area and the UK
Funding/Top-Up Methods Use Crypto as Collateral (Credit Mode), FIATx Balance (Debit Mode)
Supported cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, NEXO, XRP, and 57 Others
Fees ATM Withdrawals €1.99 (Outside of Free Withdrawals), Variable Interest, 0.5% Foreign Exchange Fee
Benefits Subscription Service Rebates, Airport Lounge Access, Bonus Reards, Private Jet Partnership
Limits Total ATM Withdrawals, WIthdtawal Frequency, Card Funding
Withdrawals ATM Withdrawals or Transfers to Other Accounts
Global Acceptance Accepted in 200+ Countries
Security Registered EMI, MFA, FIDC Insurance, 2FA, 256-bit Encryption 

What is the Nexo Card?

The Nexo card is a unique crypto debit card that allows users to convert crypto assets stored within their Nexo wallet to fiat, which users can spend anywhere that accepts Mastercard payments.

In contrast to most other crypto debit cards we’ve examined, the Nexo Card can function as a prepaid debit card or a credit card, thanks to its dual-mode system. As such, the Nexo card offers greater flexibility than alternatives like the card.

In addition to the Nexo card facilitating crypto spending in everyday establishments, it offers many benefits, including:

  • Daily compound interest
  • Cashback rewards
  • Virtual and physical card

How Does The Nexo Card Work?

Many crypto enthusiasts consider the Nexo card one of the best crypto debit cards because it offers dual modes, enabling it to be used as a debit or credit card.

Users can either top up their cards using crypto assets or lock their crypto holdings to receive a credit line backed by their assets. When using Credit Mode, your crypto assets are not sold. Instead, you receive a loan that accrues interest, which you must repay.

nexo card homepage

The interest generated from using credit mode varies from 0% to 15.9% based on your Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio. During research for our Nexo card review, we found that users with an LTV ratio of under 20% enjoy interest-free credit. This presents a valuable way for people to leverage their crypto holdings to pay for things without selling for fiat and triggering a taxable event.

Conversely, Debit Mode is a simple crypto debit card. People top up their cards using cryptocurrency or FAITx assets (EURx, GBPx, USDx, etc) contained in their Nexo crypto wallets.

To start using the Nexo card, you must:

  • Meet Requirements: The Nexo card has a few mandatory requirements. Users must have a fully verified account with a portfolio worth at least $50. 
  • Order Card: Once you meet the requirements, the card can be ordered via the Nexo mobile app. 
  • Top-up Nexo Crypto Card: After the card arrives (or using a virtual Nexo card), top up the account using either crypto assets like the Nexo token or FIATx assets stored in your Nexo wallet. 
  • Start Spending: Following funding, you can use the Nexo card with any of the 90+ million merchants that accept debit/credit cards issued by Mastercard.

Nexo Card Alternative

Launched in 2021, swissmoney is a powerful financial platform that empowers the crypto industry by allowing users to swap cryptocurrencies for fiat in dedicated IBAN accounts. The platform also offers SWIFT and SEPA transfers, enabling users to send funds almost anywhere in the world. The swissmoney platform is widely accessible, offering GBP, EUR, USD, and CHF IBAN accounts.

swissmoney card

swissmoney offers the following benefits compared to a Nexo card:

  • Store Actual Fiat: While Nexo automatically converts all fiat deposits to its propriety FIATx assets, swissmoney offers dedicated IBAN accounts for four currencies, providing users with actual fiat. 
  • Transfer Money: While Nexo’s product can be used as a debit or credit card, there is no way to transfer funds to pay bills or friends. In contrast, swissmoney lets you send SEPA transactions globally after topping up your account using crypto or fiat currency.
  • No Minimum Requirements: While Nexo users must hold at least $50 worth of assets to apply for a card, anyone can register for a swissmoney account and start using the service.

swissmoney is an excellent alternative to Nexo. The financial platform provides a more streamlined way of spending crypto and offers users greater control over their funds. With swissmoney offering dedicated IBAN numbers, SEPA transfers, and no hard spending limits, swissmoney is perfect for anyone wishing to transact in crypto or simply move large sums.

An Easier Way: swissmoney App
An Easier Way: swissmoney App
Fiat or crypto, Android or iOS we promise you the best Swiss quality experience.
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Nexo Card Tiers and Features Comparison

Features Base Silver Gold Platinum
NEXO Token Ratio Up to 1% 1% to 5% 5% to 10% Above 10% 
High LTV Interest Rate 15.9% 14.9% 10.9% 7.9%
Low LTV Interest Rate N/A N/A 2.9% 0%
Earn Rate (Crypto) 4% 4.25% 4.5% 5%
Earn Rate (Stablecoins) 8% 8.25% 9% 10%
Earn Rate (Fiat) 5% 5.25% 6% 7%
Earn in NEXO Bonus 0% 0.25% 1% 2%
Free ATM Withdrawals 0 1 2 5
Free Foreign Currency Transactions (Monthly) €1,000 €2,000 €5,000 €10,000

Nexo cardholders are placed in one of four tiers based on the proportion of their portfolios that NEXO tokens comprise. Compared to other crypto debit cards we’ve looked at, like the card, Nexo’s various loyalty tiers are far more accessible as they use percentages and not flat rates, vastly reducing any capital requirements.

  • Reduced Interest: For users planning to take advantage of Nexo’s Credit Mode, it’s worth attaining a higher loyalty tier, as each provides a sizable discount to the higher and lower interest rates. 
  • Higher Earn rates: Besides offering a cheaper credit line, upping your Nexo loyalty levels provides better earnings on crypto assets, stablecoins, and fiat currency spendable on your card. As such, if you plan on using Nexo’s cashback or interest-yielding products, it could be worth leveling up your loyalty level. 
  • Large NEXO Bonus: Each loyalty tier offers a significant bonus for accepting rewards in NEXO tokens. As rewards get distracted in NEXO, you’ll slowly increase your loyalty level without buying NEXO tokens.

Nexo’s loyalty program has many direct impacts on its crypto card. However, despite offering several benefits, the requirements for each tier are easily attainable as they’re based on percentages rather than flat fees, making the service ideal for those without much capital to dedicate. Additionally, high limits for free foreign currency conversion make the Nexo card ideal for frequent travelers.

Nexo Card Pros & Cons

Nexo Card Pros Nexo Card Cons
Credit and Debit Modes High Requirements for Physical Card
Easy to Climb Loyalty Program No Money Transfer Support
Earn Interest and Cashback Rewards More Confusing Than Other Crypto Cards
Powered by Mastercard
Loyalty Tier with No NEXO Requirements
No Card Issuance Fees

Nexo Benefits in Detail

Nexo offers many benefits to its customers. The card is packed with useful features for everyday life, like the ability to leverage crypto assets for liquidity without spending and free ATM withdrawals for users. Let’s look at a few of Nexo’s most notable benefits.

Spend Without Selling

One of the most significant benefits of using a Nexo card is using your crypto holdings to access liquidity without directly spending Ethereum or another crypto and triggering a taxable event. Using Nexo’s Credit Mode, users delegate assets and receive a credit line equal to a proportion of their locked crypto, similar to crypto loans.

nexo card in app

If you spend while in Credit Mode, your LTV ratio will slowly increase, leading to you paying a higher interest rate. However, there is a “Spend at 0% APR” mode, which, when toggled, automatically transfers enough collateral to reduce a user’s LTV ratio before 20%, which yields the lowest interest rate.

You must pay back any spending and interest accrued while using Credit Mode. However, the Nexo card offers a benefit compared to traditional credit cards; there is no fixed payment schedule. Instead, users pay back their Nexo loans when it suits them. That said, if your LTV ratio gets out of sustainable levels, the company will sell off your asset to cover any outstanding loans.

Earn Interest on Holdings

Another helpful feature the Nexo card offers is the ability to earn interest on spendable assets stored in your Nexo wallet. Users can start earning interest on 30 cryptos, including BTC, ETH, XRP, LINK, and USDC. Fixed and flexible terms are available, meaning users can decide whether they prefer optimal returns or greater freedom.

earn interest with nexo card

While testing the service for our Nexo review, we found that users can earn interest on assets in the Credit Line wallet. However, only NEXO tokens accrue interest while in a Credit Line wallet.

Nexo’s interest rates vary based on your loyalty level and the desired payout currency. While there is no bonus for receiving payouts in the same cryptocurrency you delegated, users can earn up to 2% for taking payments in NEXO tokens.

ATM Withdrawals

To cater to users wishing to convert their crypto to fiat and withdraw it from ATMs, Nexo offers free withdrawals based on loyalty tier. These zero-cost withdrawals reset monthly, meaning users can withdraw consistently without worrying about fees. This aids those wishing to reduce their crypto holdings and build a cash position.

Each tier gets the following free withdrawals:

  • Base – 0 Free withdrawals
  • Silver – 1 Free withdrawal
  • Gold – 2 Free withdrawals
  • Platinum – 5 Free withdrawals

Although Nexo offers limited free withdrawals, the service is far more convenient than swapping tokens on an exchange and manually withdrawing to a bank account. Moreover, with high withdrawal limits of up to €600 daily or €10,000 monthly, the Nexo card is valuable for anyone who earns money in crypto and is looking for one of the best crypto off-ramp platforms

Nexo Limitations and Drawbacks

While Nexo is an objectively reasonable platform with features likely to appeal to many types of crypto enthusiasts, it’s not without its faults. While conducting research for our Nexo card review, we found several areas that need improvement.


The Nexo platform automatically converts every fiat deposit to its own virtual FIATx currencies. The assets maintain the same value as their true fiat counterparts, and conversions happen on a 1:1 basis for top-ups and withdrawals.

While there is little difference between fiat and FIATx in practice, having your money exchanged for a virtual token with a slightly different name feels odd.

Money Transfers

While the Nexo card is suitable for everyday spending, earning cashback rewards, and online transactions, it lacks heavily regarding money transfers.

After funding their Nexo card, users cannot send transfers. Unlike Swissmoney, there is no support for SEPA or SWIFT transactions. Moreover, Nexo has a list of unsupported merchants, which includes all money transactions, over-the-counter cash disbursements, and other funding transactions.

Base User Free Withdrawals

Although Nexo states it offers free withdrawals for cardholders, it only provides this benefit to people with a Silver, Gold, or Platinum loyalty tier.

Unfortunately, users in the Base tier will always be charged for ATM withdrawals. As such, if you don’t plan on holding NEXO tokens or converting at least 1% to 5% of your assets into NEXO, the card becomes unsuitable for ATM withdrawals. Compared to the card, which offers free withdrawals to every user, it’s a shame Nexo takes this approach.

Physical Card

While users can get a virtual Nexo card for free if they have at least $50 in their Nexo portfolio, people wanting a physical card must have at least $500 in their portfolio and be in the Gold loyalty tier. As such, getting a physical Nexo card is much more challenging than the alternates we’ve looked at.

nexo virtual card

Nexo Card Fees and Rates

Fee Type Fee Rate
ATM WIthdrawal (Outside of Free Withdrawals) €1.99
Foreign Transactions 0.5%
Card Issuance  N/A
Inactivity N/A
Credit Mode Interest (High LTV) 7.9% to 15.9%

The fees and rates accrued by the Nexo card are highly competitive. While a few charges are associated with transactions and withdrawals, the company offers free allowances for most. Moreover, Nexo’s fee structure is easy to understand, and the company doesn’t levy hidden fees.

nexo card no fees

Transaction Fees

While the Nexo card has no spending fee when used on Debit Mode, the company charges a variable fee for Credit Mode transactions, which differs based on the LTV ratio and loyalty tier. Compared to traditional credit cards, the interest Nexo charges are very reasonable. The company also charges fees on foreign transactions outside of a user’s monthly allowance.

Withdrawal Fees

While Nexo offers users a few free ATM withdrawals based on their loyalty tiers, the company charges a €1.99 fee on any withdrawals exceeding a user’s limit. While Nexo charges a flat fee, other popular crypto cards, like Wirex and offerings, use a percentage-based structure (2%), resulting in lower costs for small withdrawals and higher costs for large withdrawals.

Fees Overall

Nexo does not charge a fee for ordering a card, creating an account, upgrading your loyalty tier, or account inactivity. Although some charges are levied for withdrawals and transactions outside of user allowances, the card is largely cost-effective, based on research for our Nexo card review.

Nexo Card Limits

Every crypto card has limitations, and while Nexo controls relatively few things compared to other cards we’ve reviewed, the company has some important restrictions before registering for a card.

Limit Type Base Silver Gold Platinum
Free ATM Withdrawals 0 1 2 5
Foreign Transactions €1,000  €2,000 €5,000 €10,000
Transaction Limits €10,000 (Single Transaction & Daily), €60,000 (Monthly) €10,000 (Single Transaction & Daily), €60,000 (Monthly) €10,000 (Single Transaction & Daily), €60,000 (Monthly) €10,000 (Single Transaction & Daily), €60,000 (Monthly)
ATM Withdrawal Limits €600 (Single Withdrawal), €2000 (Daily), €10,000 (Monthly) €600 (Single Withdrawal), €2000 (Daily), €10,000 (Monthly) €600 (Single Withdrawal), €2000 (Daily), €10,000 (Monthly) €600 (Single Withdrawal), €2000 (Daily), €10,000 (Monthly)

The Nexo card’s limits are reasonably high, with only a few restrictions. That said, the lack of free ATM withdrawals for base users isn’t ideal. Additionally, limits are split between tier and timeframe, making it somewhat confusing.

  • Few Restrictions: Compared to other cards we’ve looked at, like and Wirex, Nexo’s crypto card has comparatively fewer limits, offering users greater freedom. 
  • High Withdrawal Limits: The Nexo card has extremely high ATM withdrawal limits, which could make it attractive to those who frequently need large amounts of cash.

Nexo Card Cashback

Nexo lets users earn rewards paid in BTC or NEXO for conducting transactions with the company’s crypto card. Unfortunately, the Nexo card cashback program has been phased out due to regulatory issues in the United Kingdom and several other countries. However, the service is still available to some within the European Economic Area (EEA).

Loyalty Tier Paid in BTC Paid in NEXO
Base 0.1% 0.5%
Silver 0.2% 0.7%
Gold 0.3% 1%
Platinum 0.5% 2%

Nexo offers reasonable cashback rewards. However, the financial services platform has separate rates for BTC and NEXO payouts, making it challenging to determine potential earnings.

  • NEXO>BTC: Ultimately, getting paid in NEXO tokens is far more worthwhile as this method yields up to 500% more rewards.
  • Loyalty Program: Nexo’s loyalty program offers increased cashback rewards based on your tier, so adding a few Nexo tokens to your portfolio could yield notably more rewards. 
  • Regional Restrictions: As Nexo’s cashback service is only available in certain countries, double-check if your region is supported if it’s a key feature you seek. 

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Nexo Card Withdrawal

Loyalty Tier Single ATM Withdrawal Daily ATM WIthdrawals Monthly ATM Withdrawals
All Tiers Identical  €600 €2000 €10,000 

To withdraw using a Nexo card, you must use ATM withdrawals. There is no alternative option to withdraw assets you used to top up the card. While the inability to withdraw outside an ATM is inconvenient, Nexo boasts higher-than-average withdrawal limits. 

  • No Loyalty Bonuses: Nexo offers no withdrawal bonuses to users in higher loyalty tiers. 
  • Oustanding Loans: While you can withdraw all crypto funds stored in your Nexo wallet, assets used as collateral for crypto loans or Credit Mode spending are unable to be withdrawn.

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Nexo Card Supported Cryptocurrencies

While 61 cryptocurrencies can be used as collateral for Nexo’s Credit Mode, Debit Mode transactions must be paid using one of Nexo’s supported FIATx currencies. While you can easily convert your crypto to a FAITx currency for spending, there is no way to spend crypto directly. 

  • Lots of Collateral Options: Nexo’s Credit Mode is widely accessible because of numerous collateral options. 
  • FIATx Currency: Only Nexo’s property FIATx currencies are available for spending for Debit Mode transactions.

Nexo Card Global Acceptance

The Nexo card is currently available to residents of the UK and the European Economic Area (EEA). However, the company has expressed interest in expanding its card offering to other regions. Mastercard issues the Nexo card, meaning users can complete transactions anywhere Mastercard payments are accepted. 

  • Mastercard: Based on research conducted for our Nexo card review, we found that the product can be used with the 100 million+ merchants supporting Mastercard transactions. 
  • EEA and UK: The Nexo card is available to EEA and UK residents, making it a strong choice for travelers in these regions
  • Restrictions: Unfortunately, some features, like earning cashback rewards, are region-locked, making it difficult for users to ascertain which features they’ll have access to. 

Nexo Card Security and Reliability

As Nexo deals with customer funds, the platform must adhere to the latest security measures. While the company doesn’t disclose many methods used to protect its card, we know it enjoys the same protection as other Mastercard-issued products, such as the ability to freeze your card and change your PIN anytime.

nexo card security measures

Account Security

Nexo has implemented many protective measures. Some of the most critical include over-collateralization for assets held on the platform, Ledger Vault custody for client funds, and several insurance policies. Furthermore, account-centric measures like Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), address allowlisting, and 24/7 customer support help to safeguard users.

Has Nexo Been Hacked?

Based on the research conducted for our Nexo card review, the platform has not been subject to a hack since opening its doors in 2017. While the past is no guarantee of the future, Nexo’s stellar track record indicates that the company prioritizes customer safety.

Nexo Card Areas of Improvement

The Nexo card is well-designed and thought-out. It offers many benefits compared to traditional debit cards. However, a few areas need improvement.

Spend Crypto

While Nexo lets users deposit cryptocurrency and swap it for FAITx currencies, which users can spend using the Nexo card, there is no way to fund it directly using crypto. It would be nice to see Nexo implement the option to spend mainstream assets like Bitcoin or Ethereum without first converting them. 

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Expand Support

The Nexo card is available to residents of the EEA or the UK. However, while people from these areas can use the card, many will not get its full benefits. Due to regulatory compliance reasons, key features, like earning cashback, are region-restricted. If Nexo resolves these issues, the card will become more widely valuable.

Physical Card Requirments

While the Nexo virtual card has relatively low requirements, completing identity verification and having a $50 portfolio are all that’s required, the physical card is much more challenging to attain. Only gold loyalty tier users with a portfolio worth at least $500 can order the physical card, alienating those with lower budgets. 

How to Top Up Nexo Card

Nexo cardholders have several methods they can use to top up:

Top Up Debit Mode

Nexo’s Debit Mode lets users convert their assets to FIATx to spend.

Step 1: Deposit cryptocurrency or fiat to Nexo and convert it to one of the platform’s supported FIATx currencies.

Step 2: Move your FAITx balance into the FLEX term of your savings wallet. 

Step 3: Switch to ‘Debit Mode’ via the ‘Card’ tab.

Step 4: Use your card anywhere that supports Mastercard. 

Fees: Variable exchange fees

Top Up Credit Mode

Nexo’s Credit Mode lets users leverage their crypto holdings as collateral for a loan, which can be spent without selling the underlying assets.

Step 1: Deposit cryptocurrency or fiat to the Nexo platform. 

Step 2: Ensure your assets are tied to your credit line. 

Step 3: Use your Nexo card for spending.

Step 4: Repay your loan and any interest, and Nexo will release your collateral. 

Fees: Variable interest

Is a Nexo Card Worth It?

The Nexo card is a well-rounded product that simplifies spending crypto in everyday establishments like restaurants or petrol stations. The card is unique as it offers credit and debit modes, giving users a high degree of flexibility over their spending. Nexo’s loyalty program is also easy to climb, meaning it’s within reason to receive the maximum number of benefits from the card.

While the Nexo card is a solid product, it falls short in a few areas. Users cannot send money transfers and must manage fiat currency in Nexo’s proprietary FIATx currencies. Moreover, base users do not receive free ATM withdrawals, and the physical card has high requirements.

Despite the Nexo card’s shortcomings, we found the product worth it based on our research for our Nexo card review. It offers convenience, a good number of bonuses, and dual modes, which provide unparalleled spending options. The Nexo card is worth considering if you’re looking for the best crypto debit card.

Nexo Card Review FAQs

Can a Nexo card be used anywhere?

You can use a Nexo card almost anywhere in the world. Because Mastercard issues the Nexo card, it’s accepted by over 100 million merchants globally. The card isn’t supported in a few categories, like funding transactions. However, it can be used globally for the most part.

How do you withdraw money from a Nexo Card?

If you want to withdraw money from a Nexo card, an ATM withdrawal is the most effective option. The card doesn’t support money transfers. Nexo lets you withdraw fiat from its platform, but not directly from a Nexo card.

Can I use my Nexo card at an ATM?

Anyone with a physical Nexo card can withdraw cash at an ATM. However, you must be in the Silver, Gold, or Platinum loyalty tiers to receive free withdrawals. Base-tier members do not receive any free ATM withdrawals.

Is Nexo card free?

Anyone with a verified Nexo account and a portfolio worth at least $50 can apply for a free Nexo virtual card. There is no issuance fee for a physical Nexo card. Users must be in the Gold loyalty tier (hold 5% to 10% of assets in NEXO) and have a portfolio worth at least $500, making it quite challenging to attain a physical Nexo card.

Why use a Nexo card?

There are many reasons to use a Nexo card, such as earning cashback rewards, spending crypto without triggering a taxable event, or withdrawing from an ATM as a crypto off-ramp. The Nexo card has many use cases, making it an excellent addition to the arsenal of any crypto enthusiast.

What is the Nexo Wallet App?

Users looking for a crypto wallet can store their assets in the Nexo app. The app lets users manage their Nexo card and the funds in their savings and Credit Line wallets. Furthermore, users can buy crypto directly from the Nexo app, making it an excellent pathway into the crypto market.

Which Nexo Loyalty Tier is Best?

Ultimately, the best loyalty tier will vary from user to user. The Platinum tier offers the most benefits and can be easily attained by swapping 10% of your assets on the platform for NEXO tokens. That said, if you want to enjoy Nexo’s benefits without owning any NEXO tokens, the base loyalty tier is the best option.

How Do I Get a Nexo Card?

To get a virtual Nexo card, you must have a fully verified account and a portfolio worth at least $50. However, to order a physical Nexo card, you’ll need to attain the hold loyalty tier and have a portfolio worth $500 or more.

How long does it take to get a Nexo card?

For our Nexo card review, we read reviews from verified users and found that the Nexo card takes an average of one week to arrive. However, some reported that their cards came in just a few days, while others had to wait a few weeks.

What is FIATx?

FIATx is the virtual currency Nexo uses instead of traditional fiat currencies like EUR. Upon depositing or withdrawing fiat to Nexo, the crypto platform automatically swaps it for FIATx at a 1:1 ratio. While there is no real difference between the assets regarding price or usability, Nexo uses FIATx because the company lacks a banking license.

How do you use the Nexo card?

Despite offering debit and credit modes, using the Nexo card is simple. In Debit Mode, you fund the card using Nexo’s FIATx currency. In Credit Mode, you allocate crypto holdings as collateral against spending. Nexo will release your collateral once you pay back your spending and any interest.

Is Nexo trustworthy?

Nexo has been operating consistently since 2017, resulting in a 7-year track record. Since its launch, Nexo has constantly delivered excellent service and has not been subject to hacks, making it one of the most trustworthy platforms.

Is the Nexo card suitable for crypto newcomers or those with limited experience?

The Nexo card can be challenging for beginners to understand because it offers two modes and requires understanding crypto loans, interest, and collateral. That said, with a bit of research, the vast majority of people should have no difficulty using the Nexo card.

How do Nexo cards compare to other crypto cards?

The Nexo card is unique compared to other crypto cards as it offers a Credit Mode, enabling users to spend crypto without selling. While the card has more flexibility than most others we’ve looked at, it cannot send money transfers and has a high physical card threshold, unlike swissmoney.

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